New "Capcom Packs" for PS2 confirmed

“2 in 1” discs, like SF2 Anniversary Collection:

Capcom vs SNK 2 + Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Hyper SF2 + Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection

Pretty decents packs IMHO, coming on Japan without confirmed date.

rubs chin


Yes, indeed…interesting.

Since I haven’t already gotten the Vampire pack, I might as well see if I can wait for this collection and possibly get more bang for my buck.

Maybe the US will get a CvS2 + Darkstalkers Collection disk (since Hyper SF2 and SF3:3 is already on the PS2 in the US, but not Japan according to Wikipedia).
Let’s bomb Capcom with e-mails!

Sweet…I hope Darkstarkers Collection comes here

sf2 hf and 3s are in japan but u have to buy them seperately.

HYPER?? Vampire??? :’( COME TO AMERICA!

I second this.

capcom and rehashes.

seeing as i don’t have a ps3 that can play ps2 games…and i don’t own a ps2…
why is sony not pressuring capcom to make these available for d/l for ps3 owners??:confused:

i guess we’re supposed to be content with the no name games that are available already, huh.

I would really appreciate having a CotA - MvC collection.

^ why would they bother? Practically everyone owns a ps2.

The only practical reason would be to release them in a format that can run in HD resolutions. 480p is okay, but if you own an HDTV, it would be better to run those games in 720p.

Vampire Saviour =) Vary Happy.

i hope they release these in america for 20 dollars :slight_smile:

don’t worry ps2 games will be available on psn soon enough

one wish, that I know probably won’t come true, is for these games to have progressive scan support. It’s just not convenient for me to switch TVs when I wanna play certain fighters. I’ve stopped playing some games just because of my laziness, haha.

Fuck. In a way, I’ll be slick mad if Vampire Darkstalkers Collection comes here. I spent like $60 on it a few months ago. There’s really not a Capcom game or collection that I would buy past this point. I think I own or have played them all to death. Maybe if they ported Project Justice to ps2.

If Sengoku Basara X came here, even with a $40 tag, I’d easily buy it though.

haha aww dammit i just got the vampire darkstalkers collection today!! these collections look pretty cool.

Wow, if the DarkStalkers pack came into the US, that’d be too good!