New "Capcom Packs" for PS2 confirmed

I agree. They should release some stuff that hasn’t already been released on PS2.

Yes, I will deffinately purchase these games that I have in no way purchased in the past… If 3S doesn’t come to the EU, well, yeah, they fail…


Seriously, when will you guys stop “asking” for a Marvel pack? It isn’t happening, get over it…


Wait, how are they releasing Cvs2? They don’t have the SNK license/contract anymore, and they can’t release anymore games pertaining to CVS or anything with SNK in it.

I agree but won’t it be better to e-mail or petition Sony of USA not capcom?

If I remember correctly, the statutes for the contract were that, while no more games are being made, the contract is good for whatever re-releases that either party might make.

Thus, if my understanding is correct, either party (SNK and Capcom alike) is free to re-release stuff as they deem fit. It’s probably the only reason I could see them getting away with something like this.

Seriously…I mean really, why the hell hasn’t Capcom taken the 2.5 games in the Justice Gakuen/Rival Schools series, and put them in a “Capcom Pack” for the PS2, yet?

Batsu (and Akira, if trends go right along with the notion of how the roster is ported from CFA?) being in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, would make a nice case to hopefully release such a thing in the future. All I would ask is that Capcom go back and fix throws in PJ…

Fuck this rehashed trash. Bring on dat Plasma Sword and Project Justice!!

Hey, I’m totally for a Darkstalkers collection! Though I’d also like to second a Rival Schools & Project Justice collection as well.

Project Justice pack for US ps2 would be great.

whats the fucking point really ?? everyone and their momma owns 3s and cvs2 anyway. why not just release them for ps3 with network play instead. I’d pay good money for cvs2 with better/GGPO style network code. and keep roll cancel too I dont care…I JUST WANNA PLAY CVS2 !!

I’ve been looking for a reason to start playing since there’s absolutely no one else that plays for a 300 mile radius. This would surely get me into it.

yeah if they still have the rights to rerelase games then give us a reason to pay again…

I think it’d be sick if for this version of 3rd Strike they tried hard to make it even MORE arcade perfect. I mean they need to slow the game down a little to match the arcade speed and make Akuma’s f+MP unthrowable.

[hammy=] But i like the cookie… [/hammy]

I’m still waiting for a Hyper SFIII.

I remember CVS2.

Well if you asked Capcom they’d probably have nothing to say. Because it’s just a simple case of negligence. PJ is like the bright and fun kid who’s parents didn’t nurture him enough. DS is his weird sister, who no one understands or ever tried to understand. Yet underneath all that obscurity is a load of potential. It was never realized so she sells her body to other men(games like MvC, CvS2, CFE, etc.) to make ends meet. PJ did a bit of man-whoring as well.

My point is, we could ask why. But what’s the use when you know you’ve got a company who frequently has good franchises but chooses not to follow up on most of them except if they’re DMC or RE, maybe MM. The resurgence of SF, and the development of TvC, even the release of SBX, does bring hope. But who’s to say TvC won’t suffer the same fate as CFA? That’s why I believe a big future of fighters, especially Capcom branded, rests squarely on the success of SFIV. And if it bombs, Capcom’s mindset will probably be, “if people don’t play or purchase the most mainstream, then why are we wasting our time?” Then they’ll start working on RE2HD Remix.

As for these collections/packs, they’re great for you all who’ve yet to play or purchase a particular gem, but I recognize the plan at hand. Milk the last of various franchises, no, throw some of them together and squeeze them dry.

Because SNK aren’t assholes about their videogame licenses unlike Marvel

Sony of USA doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what’s released on the PS2 anymore. Pretty much anything companies want can be released now.

Vampire Collection deserves to be released in some way for the US PS2. I already have the Japanese version myself, so I don’t plan on buying it myself but…

Just on a hunch, but someone may do well to verify that it isn’t Vampire Chronicle that’s being released with Hyper SF2 (which would make a lot more sense) as opposed to DS Collection.

interesting, I already have all those titles But I may get them just to have them. Lets hope they come to NA

but I think capcom should at least come out with a vs series collection

If “Street Fighter Anniversary Collection” and “Street Fighter Alpha Anthology” were recently re-printed (after I STUPIDLY paid $50 for a new copy of SFAC at the beginning of this year…****), then why not do the same with CVS2???

Oh, and I doubt that the Vampire Collection will come over here so late in the game. Capcom has long since had the opportunity to bring it over here, and they just left it over in Japan.

where dat marvel?