New "Capcom Packs" for PS2 confirmed

CvS2 but no MvC2…what the hell

Capcom has long since lost the Marvel license, meaning they CAN’T re-print or sell any of their games that utilized the Marvel license, much less make another one with it. Hell, I don’t think PS2/XB MvC2 was even re-printed in Japan, the land of re-prints and budget-priced re-releases. I believe their license with Marvel was a ten-year one, seeing as they first utilized it when they developed “The Punisher” in 1993. The XBox port of MvC2 came out in early 2003, and the expiring license didn’t even allow them to insert XBOX Live features into the port.

Obviously Capcom & SNK share a more friendlier relationship than Capcom does with Marvel.

Capcom is on some doo-doo sauce; damn, they just keep churnin’ out the haterade…

More like Marvel is a much more sought after license than SNK, so it’s bound to be a bit more strict. Everything I’ve ever read on the matter said both parties were happy with the collaborations.

Man, I wish capcom would stop playing around and drop all the fav’s on one disc,
cvs2, mvc2, st, sfa3, vs, 3s Arcade perfect. Done. One stop shopping would be nice for tournaments too.

Having them on ps3 wouldnt be bad either lol

I seriously doubt they’ll re-release the last four (minus the Marvel & Vs. games) that you mentioned on retail again. Not after having already released virtually arcade-perfect SF compilations for the PS2 & original XBox. If anything, any future re-releases will come via the PSN/XBL route.

I’ve got to get my hands on these new packs. Thanks for the info.

will they fix vega’s wall dive and og sagats tiger shot in this version of hyper street fighter 2?

i heard they did in the capkore release so maybe i should get that instead

Capcom kids paying for the same game more than twice=Priceless.

Why don’t you ask for something that hasn’t been released on home consoles or something that hasn’t been rehashed with no logical progression in gameplay.

I said Plasma Sword and some dickhead negged me knowing damn well it made sense. Give a moron $3 and just see what he does. Get a premium account at SRK.

Yo I’m gonna put that shit on my sig if that’s aite with you.

Mass-produced CvS2 + Darkstalkers Collection games please! :smile:

Edit: About people bitchin about the rehashes, Capcom’s fighting games are about the only games that are so good that they’re worth rehashing.

what happaned to that website in the first post. i guess i got excited for nothing?

If they were to release those packs in US I think CvS2 + DarkStalkers Collection would make sense. We already have SFAC, DarkStalkers Collection was never released over here, and CvS2 is pretty hard to find these days.

I’m so getting this…holy fuck in a handbasket.

Just import it–its not coming out here–people will just scoff at it and go play Halo or some highly popular 3-D bullshit.

I’m happy this is coming out finally.

Capcom should release DarkStalkers Collection here, SNK is doing it with there Fighters. So come on Capcom

…doesn’t make the game any better, consider CE bison and CE guile rules the roost.