New Capcom 'X-Men' Fighter


After seeing ‘Injustice’ trailer… i’d love Capcom to bring a new ‘X-MEN’ game…

or even AvX (Avengers vs X-MEN) game?

Do people think Capcom would go back from 3v3 (in MvC3) to 1v1?
As i think the 2v2 was one of the negative points of SFXT, people prefer 1v1 i think


Personally I’ve had enough of the Vs game mechanics. Enough with the air juggles.

Capcom needs to do Powerstone 3, with a strong focus on competitive multiplayer

Ninja Edit: You know what would be cool, Street Fighter Origins RPG :sunglasses:


I would say “no” to new X-MEN game. Instead of that kind of game, they should just make Marvel vs Capcom 4 with huge ass roster including all the X-MEN chars, etc. But i doubt that will happen.


i found cvs2 so dull but enjoyed sfa3. hmmm i’d rather rival schools over powerstone but don’t love either… x-men, a new mvc, sf5 & darkstalkers the only ones i’d be excited by


fgd is not for wishlist threads


The only thing that we’ve seen close to that is Avengers: Battle for Earth which doesn’t look good at all



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