New Captain America, Plus New Costume

I haven’t been as up on Marvel lately, as I sorta lost interest halfway through Civil War, but I’ve been peeking in from time to time, and was wondering what people think of this “new” Captain America.

Do you like the design? Who do you think it is?

Personally I think the design is cool, the black is a bit overwhelming to the design to me, had the design worked the blue back into the shoes I think it would have balanced it a lot better.

Plus Cap carrying a gun and a knife? It would sure smell like Bucky, but that’s why I think it isn’t. So I’ve got no clue.

“It’s the punisher.” was the first thought I had upon seeing those pics, and didn’t he take the mask at the end of civil war. Marvel always has surprises in store so I don’ t think they’ll go with that.

wings on his head remind me of the flash…

that’s all i want to say.

Maybe Clint Barton’s little wet dream comes true?


i just realised he had a gun, that makes me think less of him:arazz:



its a skrull. lol. run for it!

Frank castle was already decked out in a outfit that was tribute to steve iirc

If it ain’t steve, it ain’t cap.

If it isnt Steve who cares, still the dumbest thing Marvel has done in years killing him.

yeah, not feeling the gun at all. :frowning:

seeing cap with a gun is like seeing batman with a gun.


Okay, this is irking me. Sano can you fix the title to Captain instead of Captian?

i like the suit…i dont think its Bucky under there. gotta lose the gun though

interesting to see who it’ll be under there

hehehe, some batman concept art would give you a heart attack

He used a gun in World War II. Images of old covers later.

Thread title fixed.

Old movie serial Captain America. Props to Johnny Triangles of Newsarama for finding this image.

Old covers:

Bucky too:

Big up to CJM of Newsarama for digging up those covers.


Heh, sorry about the thread title, it was 4AM…my typing skills deteriorate after 2AM. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I think it’s Bucky.

Here’s an interview with THE BRU and Alex Ross about the costume

Kinda neat how they incorporated the triangular shield look into the chest piece thing they got going there.

I’ve always thought Alex Ross had some cool ideas for costume redesigns (Kingdom Come, Earth X) and this one’s kinda neat as well.

But the black is overwhelming, I agree. They didn’t even give him boots or anything to balance it out - I keep thinking of how he’s going to look in interiors…and it’s going to be wack. Imagine him running through a dark alley or something - he’s just going to be this big chest piece floating around with a pair disembodied hands (…holding a gun).

The design’s way too top heavy. And yeah, that’s exactly what we’ve all dreamed of since we read our first Captain America comic - Captain America capping and stabbing motherfuckers. Still can’t believe they killed him. Just stupid, and in my honest opinion, did nothing to significant improve Civil War or make it that much more memorable - I think it already had enough to stand on its own.