Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, are in talks to bring everyone’s favorite green-mulleted superhero to the big screen.

I would be fine with it only if Don Cheadle reprise the role of CAPTAIN Mother Fucking PLANET.


don’t do this to me, bullshit until trailer


Honestly I don’t want Leo to do this movie.

Unless its something like this

I Don’t think a straight adaption would work.


Will only watch if Leo plays Wheeler.


Who’s playing Gi? Can we get Salli Richardson as Gaia.


Leonardo DiCaprio is a climate change $hill.

Al Gore and the Clinton Global Initiative cameo in 3…2…


Please don’t tell us you think climate change is a scam.
There for the first time countries fighting over open seas routes that were locked in ice before hand.


My nickname at work is Captain Planet. I’m in.


Used tampon vs Captain Planet is a 10-0 matchup. This shit doesn’t need to be made


dont forget empty coke cans could defeat him lol.


I prefer Ted Turner


Captain Pollution should be played by Eric Andre


Did I say climate change is a scam? :lol: