New case for SE stick internals?

I have a SE stick but I don’t like the case; how hard would it be to just transfer the insides of the SE stick to a new case?

Well what you decide to do for a new case will basically determine how much work it will be. But its not hard to just transfer the guts.

Sell the stick and start over.

The SE’s stock parts are terrible.

I don’t have stock parts in it… haha
Also, I didn’t realize this idea was that popular. Which is why I didn’t do a search first; after searching there are quite a few people that have done this. I planned on getting a tek acrylic case, and apparently so did all the others that did this. The only thing I haven’t figured out is what to do with the guide button and stuff. All the info on that was kind of vague and hard to follow.

Simplest thing would be to modify the ribbon cable coming from the Madcatz PCB so that the Guide wire now goes to a 24mm button in the side, and daisy-chain a ground to it also.