New case with cooling fan... with two power connectors?

I have a Thermaltake Soprano case that I’m about to transfer my mobo and stuff into, and it has a bunch of pre-installed fans. The front fan, 120mm, seems to have two power connectors: the typical “system fan” connector and a Molex connector. I’ve never seen a fan with two power connectors before. Do I use only one connector, or both?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Fans can connect either by their tiny connector(to motherboard?) or by molex connector direct to power supply.

Some fans come with connections for both, but you only need to connect one to power the fan. I prefer to use molex as its all i’ve ever done.

I’d hook up to the motherboard just so you can get RPM readings off of the fan itself.

Molex is usually optional. If your setup runs hot or you don’t mind additional fan noise, go for it.

Thanks very much everyone!

EDIT - A head’s up: turns out the fan connector is for measuring RPM only, and doesn’t power the fan. They’re powered by the Molex connectors.

Just in case anybody else bought a new Soprano case.