New challenger in need of guidance!

hi! im new to fgc and i wanna make a break into fighters. but im having a rough time choosing what game i wanna pick up and play, im mostly gonna be a online warrior (psn) so i need a game with atleast decent netcode. if you can list atleast four games with decent netcode that will help me out alot.

also im having trouble deciding on a fight stick, im thinking of getting a qanba dual modded fightstick

first of all try to pick out the fighting games that interest you the most and that you see yourself playing for a long time

Don’t spend money on a stick if you haven’t even decided on what game you want to play yet.

as for good netcode, i dunno people have told me SC5 has good netcode but i don’t know what its like myself, alternatively you can always check out GGPO it supports quite a lot of older games and theres lots of good players who are willing to give you advice, best of all its free so if you do finally decide fighting games aren’t for you nothing was waisted.

Get SF x T because its new not as many people have mastered it. MVC or SF4 is blow up city for a beginner if you’re determined and don’t mind losing a lot go head try em out.