New Challenger!

Hello my name is shadowken. as you can see I’m new to the forum and the sight all together. I’m just a normal gamer. I play a few fighting games here and there, games like street fighter, smash bros, melty blood, blaze blue and so on. I don’t take fighting games too seriously like some (to the point that if your not in there level you are not worthy to play.) I just play fighting as well as other game genres just for the fun of it (like they were made for in the beginning.) So i hope to make friends here.

Hello, my name is Kurdijef.

I’m not sure whether you’re a troll or not, but the “serious” you describe sounds like bad attitude to me. I have yet to meet a person in real life that’s a total dickhead about playing with low level players. On the other hand it’s sometimes legitimate to refuse playing them. Would you ask a professional boxer to have a serious match with someone who casually likes boxing here and there? You’re kind of not in the position to ask that (not saying directly you but anyone “you”). It’s like you’re not even speaking the same language. However, ask that same boxer educate you in the ways of boxing and depending on the mood (and his payroll) you might get a match from him. Bit by bit you might start “speaking the same language” and see the same things.

It’s lame analogy I know, but I can’t think of anything better right now. Just trying to say that usually the more skill one has, the better the people they are too. It’s not always the case but as long as you come off as someone looking for answers and improvement… You will be helped.
Consider these points:

  • Do you think a community has formed and remained for over 15 years if people didn’t have fun with fighting games?
  • Do you think taking a fighting game seriously isn’t fun?
  • Do you think a fighting game can’t be taken seriously?

That’s the “serious” we like. It’s also fun.

I don’t think he’s a troll. No need to go all agro on the new guy. Not everyone in the fg scene is hardcore and super competitive. I am but i like to think all types are welcome.

Hello Welcome. Go to regional match making thread and introduce yourself to the thread for your area and try and go to local events you can make friends there.

Indeed i will thanks.