New champ stick and R2 TE stick


I was looking at the release dates at work for up coming games and I noticed that there were 3 new skus for new SF4 accessories. Their was the new fight pad, and SF4 Champ stick which I think was coming out in October for $185 and there was the SF4 R2 TE stick which is coming in November for $185. I was wondering if anyone had any info or pictures of these two sticks I’m very curious about what they look like.


You might wanna have kept that confidential… :confused:


Search, there have already been pics of the R2 TE and FightPads posted.


??? What is this…and $185 for the round two stick? Thought the pic said $149.99.


Is the R2 stick the MvC one or something different?


They’re releasing two different sticks, but it’s only aesthetic.


$185 for new art? Cmon man. That type of money, you can get a high quality custom.


Which price is right?
Or am I getting mixed up?

There are so many Tournament Edition to keep track of now.

R2 TE is the one that is all black Case.
Because I don’t know what Champ is.


wow madcatz is bending people over… rofl


… And after the millionth complaint that Mad Catz is bending somebody over…!

Japan Video Games has pre-orders up for the Round Two TE SF IV sticks, all-black cases.

Passing on this. Waiting for my reserved Marvel Vs C2 stick and to see how bad gouging will be on the Asian TE sticks. The Asian TE sticks could be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the variants.

Frankly, I like the white casing better myself.

Plenty of the R1 sticks are around and on sale for mods. Saw that the local Micro Center in Columbus now has R1 sticks in stock. Of course, they’re full MSRP. Most of us know by now R1 sticks can be had for at least $20 off MSRP, sometimes more if you hit sales at the right time.

People have thought the market for sticks was flooded now… I don’t think the wave has peaked yet!


Don’t know where this info is from lol.

R2 FightStick TE is $149.99

No idea what the Champ Stick is lol.


Champ stick? Hmmm HAPP?


Too bad that TE stick still has a red border. It would have been one less thing to paint.


thinking the same thing.



I feel like I need the Bison pad just because it’s Bison.

But purple?


My understanding is the ~$180 price was from a Canadian store, so convert that back to USD.


Oh yes.
That is right.

I forgot about that.

Sorry that.
I don’t know about n3f though.


This is Canadian price.


Were taking preorders :rofl:


Taking preorders for what? haha