New Channel for SSF4AE2012 Replays on PC


Hey guys, new channel for replays on the PC version of AE2012. I haven’t found any other channels exclusively dedicated to this, so I thought I would start one. It’ll be similar to YogaFlame24’s or XblackvegetaX’s channels, except it’s the PC version instead of Xbox 360. So if you subscribe to those guys, you might be interested in this channel as well. I hope this isn’t interpreted as obnoxious self-promoting spam. I’m just trying to spread the word as I think it may be something people might be interested in. I’m going to try to upload as many decent replays as I can find, but if a really long time goes by and there are next to zero people actually watching them, I may not continue. So anyway, check it out.



not only are the pc Players mostly Crappy but its full of boosters and Turbo users


Thats kind of a mean thing to say. But sadly its pretty true. I play exclusively on PC and the online is so bad that I almost always play local or with friends in a lobby. Worse than turbo or boosters is people who play with goddamn frame smoothing on.
However, this channel might work. Im sure he is screening the videos so that none of that bad stuff will be in there. Theres also several very good players that are on PC that probably dont play on console. Unfortunately, in my experience they all seem to have low pp/bp and only play in lobbies. So finding replays of the gems on PC will likely be very difficult.


Honestly, the top 15 people are so on the world leaderboard are probably cheaters, but I believe most of the people after that are pretty legit. The rankings aren’t all that important, though. People use turbo on all three versions of the game. I do show the inputs in all of the replays I upload so you can see that they’re not using turbo. I spend a lot of time picking out the better replays to upload. The competition isn’t as fierce as the Xbox 360 version, because that’s the version that most people play on, but the purpose of the channel is to expose some of the better players on the least popular version, since they do exist. While some people do upload PS3 replays, no one else has got a popular PC channel going yet, so I thought I’d try.


turbo and boosters are on consoles as well.Crappy players as well. But at least PC players can boot Windows.


You should make some playlists on your channel. Its not a big deal now since you just started, but once you get around 100 or so videos, its going to be hard for people to navigate and find what they are looking for.


Yet…I see you playing all the time.

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i play a pretty mean deejay on pc, you should follow me (elitegoomba12) :smiley:


I suggest you to also check pc recommendation thread.

I thank you a lot for doing this and I realy hope you won’t stop. I’ve recently got this game on xbox (been playing on PC before) and i realy wanna see if people are just pulling things out of their ass just because of more players.

Anyways there are good players on PC. Leaderboards are good too check and i recommend you to check pretty much every charachter. There’s rarely any hackers on charachter specific (well except one who has 30k bp on all. lol.) so it’s a good place too check. Inb4 herp derp points don’t matter. In this case they somewhat do. Because how the hell will he find the person that plays ranked and is good.


how can i be playing all the time if I deleted the PC version a month ago , i was waiting for some idiot to say something stupid and here you are
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well that didnt last long lol


More uploads coming soon. I’ve just been very busy lately. Stay tuned!


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