New character idea

So I have three suggestions that would bring new life to the game. One is a Samurai. There’s too many Ninjas in MK. Maybe you can have him play like Yushimitsu from Tekken Series. Also for those don’t know, a Samurai came runner-up in the Deadliest Warrior Season 1. There were all kinds of warriors including Ninjas but they went out first round. I was thinking introduce a new Samurai to the mix who has a feud with both Sub-Zero and Scorpion but he can hold his own because his just a complete bad ass.

Edit: Since it won’t let me create poll I made one online, vote guys and girls.

Next suggestion is a character who is like a Power Ranger.

Lastly this character is like Darth Vader from Star Wars. Let me know what you think by voting or posting a comment

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