New Character in PS2/Xbox 3s

mmcafe states that the PS2 and Xbox versions of 3s has a new character, a canadian actually (go canada!), selectable the same way you’d select Gill. More info:



is he a mountie or a hockey player?

professional wrestler. Wears black and pink tights with a heart on it.


if this isn’t a late April fool’s thing, i’d like to have a look-see. link ain’t workin’though.

hmmm, I wonder what kind of super arts bret hart will have in 3s.

sharpshooter, duh.

Dan must known he was not for Shotokan and decided to go wrestling, that’s where the pink comes in and u can choose from super arts Super Taunt, Raging Demon from MVC2 or Custom Combo Taunt

Don’t believe the hype.

dude. if there’s a new char Ima FREAK FO SHO CUZ GUILE IS PIMP YOOO! haha really is it verified that there will be a new char in it? and if there is he/she better be a good oneee!!! (preferably guile [just don’t even put remy in the game haha])

If they had blanka in there that would be tight. I’m talking about an older looking dog. Make it look like he has alot of battle scars. Kinda like he has fought a tiger or lion and is all beat up. Or make him look older and his hair should fall off while you fight with him.:cool: All new animation for blanka just like they did cum li err… chun li.:cool:

Too funny :stuck_out_tongue: