New character pickup thread: Meet Hot Matchups In Your Area!



After some thinking, I have decided to retire my Mac. At least for a while. In his place, I was thinking someone with at least good hitboxes and OK KO power. I’m currently eyeing Mii Brawler and Rosalina. Thoughts anyone?


both are whores, use rob


Bowser Jr. because it’s fun.

Also, now I’m playing with Jiggs and R.O.B; Jr. for fun only. But suddenly got interested on Palutena. Any tips about her?


Already running Jr

Palu has exactly one move on the ground. Jab. Otherwise, jump and use aerials. I suggest talking with Rayne


Dont listen to anyone but @Rayne_‌ when it comes to Palutena.

And CG should just sell out and play Diddy… Or go anti-metagame and plau Peach… She’s good, y’all.


palutena isn’t actually that hard to use but yes, her ground game consists of jab, jab, jab, and maybe…jab. but to her credit, her jab is really fucking good

dthrow to nair is a true combo as is dthrow to uair for some KOs. dthrow is the only throw you’ll ever need. her normal set of specials aren’t so hot but i know some of her customs are pretty dope


I noticed that her tilts are very punishable. But all her smash attacks are bad?

What I really like about her is that she seems versatile. Counter, reflector and projectiles in the same char? Fast aerials and attacks with decent range?

But if jabs are her only good option in the ground I may give up already. I like trying to find utility for all moves. For example, I still use R.O.B. side B even knowing it’s crap.


Her tilts, like her smashes are all really situational and are best used for punishing/reads.

For example, u-tilt is great for nailing people who like to airdodge above you.

Her f-smash and d-smash have windboxes, so even if you whiff, you are usually safe from retaliation, and they can be used to screw with people that recover past the ledge.


CG, have you ever tried Yoshi? He’s quite decent this time, he haves OK hitboxes, good K.O. power and a good projectile.

And Dair can rack an absurd damage if you manage to hit grounded opponents.


Naw, Yoshi isn’t for me. I’ve tried him from time. I just can’t get a good handle on him


yoshi is still weird but there is nothing crazy about him this time, he’s definitely easier to use

rosalina maybe. great hitboxes and good KO power