New character?

kinda getting sick of ken… any good ideas on a new guy? i like to juggle and go for combos, and i know yun would be the obvious choice but i dont know i couldnt really ever get good with him any suggestions?

Practice more so you do get good with him?

Dudley or Akuma…

Q? pretty good juggles with :hcf: and kick

If you want a juggle fiend, play Oro.

Urien ftw. :wgrin:

hmm, yeah Oro has some great juggles esp. with his supers which can easily top 35hits. Urien is actually a good choice too as he has some good basic juggles with some nice SAIII combos. Dudley actually has some good corner combos and EX juggles, but lacks a bit in the SA combo–at least to the level of Oro and Urien. Makoto has some very gross SAII combos and although she doesn’t really ‘juggle’ per-se she certainly can make it up with rapid 2-3hit combos here and there. Lastly, Elena is actually quite a sick juggler/comboer when one learns to use her EXs properly, as any good Elena based their main play around that (for the most part). Ibuki has some OK options, some cool looking combos and great mix-up if played correctly, but nothing amazing overall, but better than some none-the-less.

On a side-note, Necro has some great corner stun combos and juggles–but outside of that…Well, good luck lol

I would actually disagree a bit with Akuma and Q. Although they certainly combo, they mostly do them either off of one main move (i.e. Qs Capture and Deadly Blow) or resolve the combo in the same way each time (i.e. Akuma, some move->Tatsumaki->Uppercut->Super…Just about everytime, or some similar formulistic variation).

I would highly suggest Yang, fairly simple to learn and a very good character. And if you get really good with him and learn how to use SAIII, than you’ll really enjoy him cause u like combos.

If you like combos, then Dudley should be someone you look into. He has a viscious high/low/throw game, and is a BEAST when it comes to extended juggles and combos.