New characters found!


Well… Not really. I’m an asshole. :wgrin:

I bet they’re top tier.

Lol, mutated Sagatryu FTW. What did you do to get this odd glitch to occur?

I found it on gamefaqs… pick sagat, hold start, pick A2. But it looks like you can do it with other characters too (like Dictator), and you can piggyback it onto Ryu to get one with a super meter.

It really does seems like a new character though, as it has distinct uhh… “normals”.

Specials are:

Ryu’s Hurricane/DP/FB
Akuma’s Teleport

Are there any more? I dunno.

Only move that can be cancelled is close s.fierce I think. His FB graphic also depends on the opponent (it will be different depending on who you’re fighting) Same with his voice I think?

But, more importantly… WHAT THE FUCK IS IT? Does is have a name? Is he top-tier? lol

that hurts my eyes

Bison version is top tier easily, his neutral state is unhittable, he should be banned from any tournaments ASAP.


^ what you’re talking about happens with the other one sometimes too…

vid don’t work btw. :frowning:

took a sec to go live, its up now… at least, i can see it… seems 100% with the bison version but yeah, should be banned

Well, considering it doesn’t have a NAME, and turns mostly invisible (and invincible) a lot, i doubt this would be allowed in tourneys. lol

His throw is pretty whack too… kick throw seems to leave him open?

Nice work on the vid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still really curious as to what the hell it is.

You only need to hold start. This is crazy, try Sagat’s throws, they’re glitchy as hell. Both of them the opponent recovers first, lol one of them even sends them flying up the screen in a random glitch of animation.

With the Sagat (I haven’t tried Vega) version only specials cause stun. If you attempt to stun the opponent using normals they’ll reach the stun limit, but they wont dizzy. The counter simply resets it’s self and the dummy becomes invincible.

I’m going to keep playing around with this.

Edit: Also BKB, could you explain the Ryu thing to get a super meter?

(I get it now, for everyone else just choose Ryu in the same fasion Vs broken Sagat and he’ll appear the same.)

Edit: Knockdown attacks cause dizzy, that includes sweep. It seems everything else causes invincibility.

Edit: All you have to do is hold start on A2, that’s it. It’s as if there was meant to be characters there, you know with the colour change, but they’ve been removed. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on, but I’m intirgued.

Yeah, it seems like it was put there on purpose… Not a glitch really. Easter egg? I dunno.

Is it only Sagat/Dictator?

As far as I’ve tested, yes.

This has really got my imagination going. The way I see it, there might have origionally been A2 Classic characters for Bison and Sagat, but they removed them later on. When you select them you change the colours as if you where selecting a blue one, but there’s nothing there, they even have A2 classic symbols aswell. I guess they never patched up the holes properly and when you select it it goes to this ramdom mess that we get.

But who knows? This could be anything. By far the most screwed up thing I’ve seen in a Capcom game. Fair enough MvC2’s glitches are mad, but this is insane. The game’s already fucked up as it is, completely wierd, screwed up, broken characters getting discovered takes it over the top.

You think this could be one step closer to finding Sunburned Sakura? I’m really puzzled by that mystery. It was a release picture so you’d expect her to be there, but the fact she hasn’t been found yet get’s me wondering. I asked Capcom Europe but they had nothing to say, if it was removed you’d think they’d know of the error, but since they didn’t say anything maybe she is there. It would probably be better asking Capcom USA them selves…

Had my video editing stuff open anyway because i’m making a simple combo video for fun…

It’s a random thought but do you think these characters could be a source for wierd situational bugs? They already have a ton of bugs to start with, I find it hard to imgaine nothing else in game related that would have a wierd effect.

that is freakin weird…

The Ryu version doesn’t seem to be different whatsoever. He can still do all the same moves, customs, supers, etc. It’s just Ryu with fucked up graphics.

The other ones are not like anyone else though…

They appear to have the same normals and stuff between them, but fucked-up Sagat and fucked-up Bison have different throws?

jesus fucking christ.

Demon :which throw makes them fly up the screen? is it character specific?

Some more stuff.

If you use a non knockdown move with glitch Sagat (not sure about Vega) to “dizzy” the CPU into invincibility they lose all control of their specials and supers; I’m guessing all activation aswell.

There’s one frame (at least I think… It feels like) in glitch Bison’s throw that allows you to treat your “airborn” state as a ground state. Meaning you can attack or acativate ground specials/supers in the air for wierd glitchy effects. It’s wierd as it’s treated as a reversal aswell, glitch heaven.

A couple of cool ones I’ve managed are… You can SGS in the air and still connect for the flash screen. Funny thing is the hit sparks are further up the screen. Also Chun-Li’s lightning legs float is pretty cool aswell. Easy way to do it is just stick it on auto fire and you can hold it when glitch bison throws you.

I’m going to keep trying some stuff out, honestly this is madness.

Desk I was talking about glitch Sagat’s kick throw. Watch as for a couple of frames their sprites flip up side down and flick of into the top corner.

Demon: looks like we both came across the same thing… :wgrin: I think all their throws do this. It seems that as long as you don’t enter neutral state, you’ll stay airborne… except for jumping/walking.

I also came across something that makes me lose the ability to do ANY special moves. I don’t know what causes it, but when messing around against Glitch-Bison, all of a sudden, I couldn’t do any specials… but I COULD do them as reversal? But not otherwise.

This is all kinds of fucked up… lol

What suprises me most is that you can fuck around with the glitched characters all you like and the game doesnt flip out and crash :looney:

If this doesn’t make HSFA play skyrocket, we need to find a way to get Magneto playable