New chun li player



Ok i started back in ssfv then went to ssfv a.e., and i had juri all the way through. Now i want to pick up a new girl and chun was my out come. im good with all the basics, got the footise game down but im wondering is there a way to pull out charge moves easier.Like the trial where it calls out for jump hp.-mp-fireball- super. I can do it but i feel like im mashing the super, and when i see other ppl on YT doing its like their barely moving their stick. Any help will be great thanx.


As a general rule, after doing a charge move, it’s always ideal to go back to the :db: position. Like, when you do a kikoken, do :b: :f: :b: :p:, so you start charging again right after you do a charge move. A rule for charge characters is that you should be ready with :db: if you aren’t doing anything else.

For charge supers, you only need one charge motion in the whole command (the first). For the second :b: :f:, it doesn’t have to be a charge.

So for fireball to super, you can do the (charge :b:), :f: :p: for fireball, then just do :b: :f: :k: for super. The game will ready the first charge and include it as the first half of the super motion.

I hope these can help:




thanx im in the training room now lol


now if i can get a hang of that leg loop


That will come later when you’ve really made up your mind to stick with Chun and proceed to an advanced level. This thread should help


Is there a way I can immediately fireball(kikoshou) after an EX spinning bird kick that knocks opponent out of corner? I was experimenting with this but failed. I attempted buffering forward into the corner since EX bird kick knocks out then immediately following with  fireball but it didnt work. Is there something I am doing wrong or misunderstanding?


EX Bird to Kikosho? AFAIK it’s possible in the corner only, if it’s the other way the SBK would knock the opponent out of reach. Perhaps you could be doing the qcf motions while the SBK is hitting (then 3p if they go flying towards the corner).


Kikosho = Ultra 2<div>Kikoken = fireball</div><div><br></div><div>In the case of U2, then what 4neqs said is correct.</div><div><br></div><div>If you’re trying to do a regular fireball after EX SBK knocks an opponent out of the corner though (which after reading your post it looks like you are), I don’t believe it’s possible.  If it is possible, it’s probably unrealistically hard to do.</div><div><br></div><div>This is because EX SBK knocks your opponent around enough that it can actually break your back charge while it is hitting.  Notice how, especially deep in the corner, EX SBK knocks your opponent around on either side of Chun?  Depending on which direction you are holding in that moment, it will likely mess up your back charge.</div><div><br></div><div>You can still fireball afterwards, but you will have to wait a little longer to regain your charge to do it.</div>


stupid Ex sbk