New Chun, No inks


Been experimenting wiv my new mouse pen. I’ll post d final pic soonish.


yo thats crazy man good shit


I’ve never seen any kind of art like this, great job!


love the coloring job


Yay i never knew chunli has a reddish tinted hair until now, that rocks XD.


Thnx guys. I was afraid this ‘realistic’ Chun Li wud put sum fans off. Still needs alot more work.


A dark red-haired Chun-Li? Wow, I’m totally diggin it! :lovin:



damn thats sexy i like how you did it the only thing that really puts me off is the red lipstick but thats not a big deal and i guess thats more of a personal preference thing of mine. good shit.


Thnx for d kudos guys. Her eyes look weird 2 me tho… Well, she’s done. Kinda anti-climatic. Simple bg, too much blur etc. Not happy wiv d end result bt I have to move on with another piece.


the lighting on the face looks weird