New Claw

Hey hey.
I’ve been trolling around here for the last 2 days looking for bits of info and first off: good stuff.

I main Ken and dabble with ryu/akuma but since they are all basically variations of the same character, I wanted to pick up an alt that isn’t the same guy.

I want to try to alt Vega pretty seriously because he’s just so damn funky and unlike anything I am used to. (that and the charge helps with timing =P)

I’ve been snooping around and looked in the Vega Q&A, match-ups, and videos but alot of the stuff I’ve seen is very old. Granted it’s all valid but I really don’t want to scour 70+ pages of text any more thatn I already have so now I ask: how should I go about learning him from scratch? I’ve done his trials and looked at his BnBs but I just wondered what the Claws had to say about the baby steps.

Much obliged :slight_smile:

Hey buddy go the XBL vega team thread…iam sure someone there will be able to help u out :slight_smile:

play play play… you’ll get the experience which will give you knowledge. you’ll lose a lot (even if you’re good you’ll lose a lot) but you’ll slowly see what works. if you get stuck on something particular then come back and see if there’s an answer

The place I started was: [media=youtube]73wovBY87Pk[/media] here. It taught me a few fundamentals and stuff and I went from there, watched other people play and picked up little bits and pieces and practiced practiced practiced.

I’m still a noob at best, but it’s a starting point.

less flying attacks and jumping towards, more spacing and pokes. Learn his neutral jumping and jump back normals quickly.

Thanks alot guys, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
I just gor my TE S and now learning him is even harder because I’m using a stick for the first time and I’ll tell you what: my left side is weak as hell. =(

Either way, thanks again :slight_smile:

You’ll get used to a stick eventually,I’m starting to re-learn it.It’s a long road, but patience and taking it slowly works wonders.