New Clothing Apparel Company with Gaming Division - MEATY MOB: Join the Mob


Hello, we’re Meaty Mob. Owning a clothing company has been a dream of ours for many years and after many years of grinding and finding a budget to work off, we finally achieved in starting up the clothing business. The brand is called Meaty Mob. The meaty can mean a lot of things. First off, the term meaty as in a “meaty” setup in fighting games and also meaty in the sense that it is in bulk, high quality and so on. The mob part means as in a gang of people banding together. We just want to be a group of people that are supplying you with the most high quality brand of tees.

We’re starting up slowly but we’re still keeping on our grind. Any help is support and we really mean that. It can be either through tweeting out about us, buying shirts, spreading the word through mouth…anything is appreciated. We currently have 4 designs out right now and being that the site and business just went up, shipping is free for the summer. More clothing will be added in due time. We can only work with 4 designs right now with our budget so spreading the word about us will help us in creating more chances to release more of our designs. Shipping is free for all summer. Shirts are limited right now so first come first serve. Even if you can’t buy a shirt, just leaving comments and spreading the word about Meaty Mob is appreciated. Thanks in advance, SRK!

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*Gaming team/division is going to be announced soon so be on the lookout!