New Cody Alts?



Is there any artwork or anything regarding new alts for Cody with the upcoming update?

I really want his original Final Fight outfit :3


to a lesser extent that’s allrdy his second outfit. I’d guess they roll with the streetwise outfit:


ok. they said they will use the designes that didnt make the cut but were designed allrdy.
found it:

Street Fighter IV And Super Street Fighter IV book :: IMG_0563.jpg picture by ego-trip - Photobucket

god damn this is ugly… looks like a pyjama…


Looks like he is wearing a baseball shirt.

… which makes sense when you think about his U2.


The streetwise one is okay I guess. I don’t know, I feel as if Cody is getting tossed to the side here with the new alts.


Would you rather Cody get stuck with Vega’s alt? Or whatever the hell Blanka’s wearing?
Streetwise alternate would be welcome after seeing the other options out there


Whoa whoa whoa, Blanka’s new alt looks awesome, I’d love for Cody to get that.


get the man a beanie and hoody, 8-mile cody represent


YOU SIR, WIN THIS THREAD. Endless battle while listening to Criminal? Awesome. Do want.


It would be sweet if they gave him brown hair, white shirt and blue fist wraps


It’s from the brazillian carnival.



^wrong! it’s clearly a Final Fantasy 10 summon outfit :stuck_out_tongue:


That is what I want. When I said Final Fight outfit, I wanted this. At least give him more hair options; black, brown, white, red, etc.


His hair wasnt actually brown in the game; thats just how it appeared. The original final fight art showed it was blonde.

They would not give him his original final fight outfit. The current alt we have now is the closest you’ll get. Cody is a thug criminal now. They took that concept and applied it to his final fight outfit, and you get the tanktop and dirty jeans.

I expect the long pants and long shirt as the alternate.


I hope it’s not something thuggish. I despise his current alt.
Cody got loaded!


His current alt is ok, i didn’t like it at first but it grew on me, hopefully this 2nd alt doesn’t fail.


if his second alt is the one in the magazine… I wouldn’t mind rockin it =)


i cant stand the stupid 25cent machine gun keychain as a necklace thing, as long as he has an alternate without it, and without prison stripes, im stoked. the magazine one looks awesome imo, i rock those t-shirts, now all i need is for him to be bald and overweight and i’ve got myself an avatar


No more damn thug clothing…he needs something a bit out of character for his 3rd alt. We got prisoner thug now something else. Also please leave his hair silver for color ten and make it all black and white only. Never understood why ten on alt 2 isn’t silver haired.


Browsing deviantART That would look great, but a tad to close with Alt 1.

Also a baseball tee w/ backwards hat and jeans would look great but a tad to close to Alt 1. I’m wondering if they are going to remove the cuffs?