New combat-king (identical to chinese si tong sticks) from hong kong arrived


nice little thing, very simplistic design and pcb.
seems to be predestined for modding as there is no soldering required.

it looks like this:


Now the million dollar question…

Is the PCB common ground?

Also how much space we got to work in that stick case and how much it cost?


what do you mean by “common ground”?

i’ve got an official confirmation that there will be no problems modding the stick with sanwa parts. the only thing that you have to consider is the need for extra holes for the stick unit itself (already done by the manufacturer for my model).

price tag is at 45 $ plus shipping - in my case an additional 23 $ to germany (or 30 $ via express). i got another 4 $ discount.


It’s common ground you can see the grey ground wire running to all the buttons.


Oh lawdy, the parts look the spitting image of Round 1 Madcatz SE crap :sweat:

Also it’s pretty clear the PCB is common-ground.
The stick uses a 5-pin connector, and all buttons have a grey-coloured wire.


It looks like the the snap-in buttons are hot glued in I wonder who’s bright idea that was


And the smaller buttons are screw ins?
I want to get my hands on this thing just to have a look…


the stick may not be very good, but it’s actually quite acceptable to play. my full sanwa madcatz se is clearly more precise in any way, but it’s not if the combat-king is useless or anything. i’ve been able to perform nice combos, canceling, linking, everything works fine.


Hmm, based on the thickness of the panel, it might not be a good fit for screw ins.


i could probably make some more pictures for you to inspect the thing closely. i’ll see to it this weekend.

well, as long as you can replace the buttons and the stick unit with better parts, the stick is not the worst out there ;).


“Si Tong” = “Poop Soup”?

I’m sure the main importance of a fight stick are parts, button placement/layout shouldn’t change up anyone’s game that much but if you presented me this stick and asked me how it would be worth with clone parts. I would say no more that $50 simply because the design is “outdated” and simple.


i kinda like the simplistic design. i’ve got a sanwa modded se for the serious business though.


what system is is this thing for ps2?

I noticed the system cord looks to have more than 5 wires and usb usually 5-4 wires plus no home button

if this is ps2 it really is outdated


Pop off the clear gate of the stick and show us what microswitches it has.

I’ll LOL if they’re “Qmron” :razzy:

PS2 PCBs are great, since they generally work with more system converters than you can shake a proverbial stick at.


I agree kikimaru024 I have a psx adapter for every system even the saturn. but I know how most people are they want ps3 or 360 and don’t want to bother with an adapter or modding


I’ve seen these on eBay a bit ago. I’ve been wondering about these.

Here is a link to the eBay store that I found these on…

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Been thinking of picking one of these up to make a Neo Geo Stick

Thanks for posting up in side pics… that helps me out a lot with helping make a decision.

They do remind me a lot of QanBa’s earlier/cheaper sticks…

My buddy has one of these small QanBa sticks (for x360) that he bought for his son. The stick is super small, but still pretty kool.

Can you post a pic of the stick you have like next to a TE, HRAP, or something else standard for comparison? Or maybe just some measurements?


One side note… I wonder what the PCB originally came from. If you look at the cable it has the little rubber boot so that it would fit in the notch of a plastic case or something. But they just have it locked down with a cable clamp inside.

Can you also show a Pic of the bottom lid/cover? On the stick and by itself?


yeah, sure, it’s ps2 and usb. and that’s pretty good because you can use it on 360 and ps3 with many adapters. i will post some pictures probably tomorrow


I know right? Glue everywhere.
I like it, but something about the design makes it unappealing.


Well the good thing about the lower end Qanba sticks are that you had a choice to grab the ones fitted with Sanwa parts, Vewlix layout and plexi along with a solid wood case. I heard the lower end ones with clone parts were difficult to mod though…

The Q2 and Q3 are beautiful sticks though.