New combo editor expansion?

Hi all,

The EU PSN store updated with an expansion to the combo editor. You need the original combo editor for it to work. I have no idea what the contents are. Has anyone bought the combo editor expansion? What does it do?
I think I might get it if it’s worth it. I just have no idea what it does.

It IS actually worth it, IF you are new to fighters and feel the need to use it. It allows you to set the time between moves, whether it be walking, jumping, nromals, specials, BY FRAME.
I edited one of desk’s Lars combos and it executed it.
Truly the best path is to learn the execution and perform combos on your own as you will not be able to rely on combo editors in other games and especially not in person/tournaments.

Thanks for the reply. Definitely getting it then. I mainly use the combo editor to see the timing and learn the rhythm of a combo. And apparently that is what this can do even better.

what’s the combo editor?

Normally, the only Quick Combos you have access to are the four preset combos (one comes with the game, the other three are free DLC). However, if you buy the Quick Combo Editor DLC (costs 320 MSP/$3), you can make your own Quick Combos and design them move by move.

This thread in particular is discussing the recently-released Quick Combo Editor Expansion (80 MSP/$1; must have the base QC Editor to purchase), which allows you to design combos down to the frame, as well as do “hit confirms” if I remember correctly (basically, you can program your combo to stop after a specific point if the opponent is blocking; nasty, right?).

Personally, I’m going to get both pieces of DLC as soon as I can, since the expansion basically sounds like it allows you to make tool-assisted combos, which will be insanely useful for discovering new combo possibilities.

That’s just silly… Stupid game, it took mah job!

So true, DaDoops. No matter how much Capcom fixes this game, it’s still gonna end up killing the FGC.

Not that this thread is bad, there is a thread for questions, discoveries and speculations on the 2013 Combo Editor;

@Disco-new combo possibilities are definitely a great idea. Check out what I wrote in the above mentioned thread about using the Editor in training mode… :wink: