New Combos Involving Command Grab



Okay I’m not positive if they’ve been posted - I didn’t see them. I saw>command grab and>command grab but that was it. So here are some new ones I did while practicing his karaHPD.

To make things easier I’m going to use the arcade system of directions:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

first one I think uses Negative Edge - not sure since I never really understood what Negative Edge is.
First one:
6,3,2+mp,1,4+mp it will combo into his command grab

j.rh can be used as a crossover although its hard to do - either way you can do a deep j.rh->>commandgrab and the timing is not nearly as strict as j.rh->

I’ve not gotten this one to work yet but I’m getting tired and I play on pad so it might work and be easier on joystick:>> works… I’m trying to get it to finish with his command grab. If anyone else can do it or even just>>commandgrab please reply.

If I find anymore combos with his HumanPileDriver [CommandGrab] I’ll be sure to post them.


The short, forward chain is not bufferable, so no, that combo will not ever work unless you screw with system direction on the DC. Standing forward(something that can only be parried high) and crouching forward(parried low) are all the ways you ever need to combo into the command grab. Crouching strong is too slow, and it can be parried high or low.


Ill try the s.strong one but for the most part ill stick to low forward. But i dont really use his command grab that much in the first place.


command grab combos only go so far, they aren’t the best thing in the world. / > command grab
that should be the only combo you should use to connect the command grab and that’s ONLY if you aren’t close enough to hit the to start the chicken scratch combo. admiration for you trying to find other combos, but really it’s not worth it. if you want to connect the grab from the air, the only other way that’s reliable is j.fp which is a great connector once you get down the timing to connect it properly.

Oro doesn’t have any reliable jump-ins that would be useful to connect for combos, his game is mostly on the ground, though he has so many tricks when it comes to mind games and games of footsies. well guess that’s all from me for now.


j.rk and are both great jump ins, just make sure to aim deep. A good mark to aim for is to pretend you’re aiming for a crouching opponent. J.fp is a fun jump in against tall opponents.