New comer with questions about Arcade sticks and Next Gen!


Hey everyone! I just recently found this site today and through poking around I do have some questions. I am just going to rattle off what questions I have so please forgive my formatting. I apologize if there are any questions in here that MAY be in the newbie threads as my brain is filled with new information, haha.

My first question is about the Arcade Sticks. I was planning on getting This particular stick. What is the difference between Cross and Line? Is this Stick any less cosmetically moddable (Prints/pictures, buttons, etc) than the others because it is larger? Is this stick set up to be able to be used on XB360 AND PS3 or is that a moddable feature only ( I was confused by this on the list of recommended sticks to buy)?

Whew, that gets through that portion! Now will the sticks currently being used for this generation of consoles be able to be used for next gen? It feels like a silly question but I don’t know what exactly is going to change in the larger scale of things. I would like to invest in a stick that can stand the test of time between all genres of fighting games and their respective consoles.

Thank you in advance. I am glad to have found SRK when I did, you seem like a great community!

Sticks and next-gen consoles

The Cross and Line just have different artwork. No other differences.
It’s actually not really larger than many other sticks. I mean it beats the EX2, FS3, and other garbage “starter sticks” but it doesn’t feel larger than most other TEs or similar sticks. It’s moddable in many ways. You can dual mod, change buttons, change stick, add art (with plexi), etc. To use on both 360 and PS3, you’d have to dual mod it yourself or get it dual modded. Otherwise you would just have to buy the stick for the system you want it for.

360 sticks for sure won’t be usable on the XBone. It’s rumored that the PS3 sticks won’t be usable on the PS4, but it hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet. Either way, it’s doubtful that an impactful fighting game will come out on the PS4/XBone anytime soon unless you wanted to play Killer Instinct or something.


Thank you for the response! I appreciate it!