New Comics this Week - Updated Weekly

This’ll be the place to talk about this week’s comics.

For this week’s list check

All Star Superman
Green Arrow
GL Corps
JLA Classified
Teen Titans
Trials of Shazam
Wonder Woman

New Avengers
Uncanny Xmen

And that’s my pull for this week. New Avengers will be the best book this week. Only because that team is too gangsta. All Star Superman will follow at a close second because it’s too genius not to read.

All Star Superman would be my #1 favorite book, if it were monthly.

as it stands, Green Lantern Corps is my #1.

Also, I need everybody’s input on this…should I just update the initial post in this thread every week, or should I just retitle this thread “Last Week’s Comics” when next week’s list comes out, and start a new thread for that week?

I’m leaning towards just editing the initial post, and keeping discussion contained in one thread.

Edit the initial post. Makes more sense. Just have Sano edit the title adding “Updated Weekly” so people will know that it gets updated.

Will do

Done. :smile:

My week -

All Star Superman
Teen Titans
New Avengers
Sensational Spider-Man
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Uncanny X-Men
Wolverine Origins

Isn’t Sensational next week? :wonder:

Right, this week’s Sensational was a reprint. I picked up Nova and the Spidey Back in Black Marvel Universe book instead - I can’t believe they gave the Gwen Stacy clones a bio. :rofl:

Gen 13 v2 #7 came out today with Alvin Lee on art.

That came out today? Crap, another trip to the comic shop… thanks!

Ooh, it’s Wednesday!

hrmm…I’m stone broke until Tomorrow, bluh.

still…at least it’s a light week for me…’

Midtown updates on the weekends (I think), so when the new list is up, I’ll edit the first post.

Taichi, not to sound like a hard ass but, I know you’re getting the source from diamond shipping lists but, why bother making a thread for it? I can agree if your being a bit lazy to even bother typing the url but, meh, I don’t know, I guess it just makes it more time consuming having to look up the thread via search rather than 30 seconds by using god rather. sorry no pun intended bro

I just wanted something akin to the DVD Threads.

yeah, you can get the information elsewhere, but why bother when it’s right here?

we can talk about this week’s comics here, what we’re most looking forward to, what we didn’t like, what shipped late, etc.

We should:

  1. Delete all responses to this thread (including this one)
  2. Have this thread update every week
  3. Sticky it

You can discuss comics, pull lists, etc. elsewhere. This should be a news thread updated every week (or until Taichi stops updating). It would be far more useful in that fashion.

That’s the thing. If I Sticky it and all posts are to be deleted, that means locking the thread and updating with news, opening it and closing it - only mods can do that - which in the end is going to mean more work for me.

The alternative is letting Taichi update it and me coming in here and deleting every future post. Again, more work for me…

Yeah I know it’s a Copy and Paste job, but it’s still more work ACK! :rofl: Plus if whatever reason I can’t update one week and neither can the other mods it won’t go updated weekly. I imagine Taichi will be busy some weeks too. Leaving it open, anyone can step up.

I’ll Sticky it no problem though. :tup:

I’ll try to keep it updated…

April 18th’s Solicits are up.

52 Week #50 $2.50
Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #3 $2.99
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #11 Ethan Van Sciver Cover $2.99
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #11 Tony Daniel Cover $2.99
Shadowpact #12 $2.99
World War III Part 1 A Call To Arms $2.50
World War III Part 2 The Valiant $2.50
World War III Part 3 Hell Is For Heroes $2.50
World War III Part 4 United We Stand $2.50

Not a cheap week for me…ugh.

I might just pick one or the other of the Flash covers.

For me it’s -

52 Week #50 and all WW3 books


Nightwing Annual - OF COURSE! They’ll finally reveal why Nightwing dumped Barbara Gordon ha ha play on playa!

Mighty Avengers

Sensational Spider-Man


I dunno, the fans want Nightwing and Starfire.

But the Bat-Editors want to keep th Bat Books pure (no aliens, or outside influences…which is why the JLA didn’t help clean up after NML).

Personally, I think Nighwing has grown out of the “Bat-Role” and cemented himself as a member of the DCU proper, and should be handled more by team editors than Bat Editors. He’s far more interesting when not constrained by the Bat Editors.

So, yeah, I think he and Starfire should definitely hook up…and pop out some orange babies.

Nah, I like Nightwing single with random women lol! Starfire, they dated when they were teenagers so them hooking up again to get married is kind of odd for me, it’s like if you were to meet up with your high school sweetheart and marry her, it’s strange. Wolfman is not thinking of hooking them up right now for that reason.

Wolfman did say an appearance of Starfire in Nightwing is not out of the question, but of course we still don’t know what happens to Starfire at the end of 52. Nightwing mentioned in his book that he’d like to meet with her and talk things out. In Teen Titans they showed her picture in a room in the tower that housed a lot of dead TT members. So she may be dead or missing (prolly missing in space still) and NW is possibly too wrapped up on his own stuff to know for sure… I guess…