New Command Input



Should the command input for Poison Kiss be changed to 2x quarter circle+KKK?

I just came across this suggestion on another forum and love the idea.


I honestly think Poison kiss should get that change but…be changed into a counter. I really think this was changed to a command throw last minute.


I like your idea. If Poison Kiss became a counter, I’m sure a lot of people would start using it.


counters suck tho, their half decent as anti airs but they are very much a gamble as you put yourself in a 50/50 situation of either i get 500 dmg or you do. her U1 is amazing, idk why people care for u2 so much. u1 if revolved around her game, u2 is for punishes and it sucks at that.


That’s true. It’s just that her U2 is hilarious and deserves more attention.

How do you feel about changing the command inputs for Poison Kiss to 2x quarter circle+KKK?


it will make it a little easier but half circle motions isn’t whats holding it back, its the piss poor range


Well with the range of u2 now. It might as well be a counter. Both still 50/50.