New Comp Build

For all of you Comp Builders/Tech Heads out there

(Chris if you see this that includes you)

Im trying to build a decent gaming comp for 350$-425$ is my budget but i have all the rest of the parts i need. THe cost should ONLY include.


This is what i found on NewEgg and if ANYONE can beat this with research i would REALLY appreciate it.

Case: Rosewill R363-M-BK Micro (w/400w ATX 2.2/12v Power Supply)
Ram: G.Skill 2gb(2x1) DDR2 800 (board supports 1066 but pricey!)
Mobo: Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI 780G (2600FSB ^_^,Supports AMD Phenom, HDMI, & 7.1 surround, & 1GB LAN)
CPU: AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3Ghz QUAD-Core Processor (95w)

$354.02 w/ shipping.

If anyone can help or give a review i would much appreciate it. THanks.

ESHJIHN that sound like a good deal for that price.

man it sucks that newegg cant ship to mexico,

I too want access to cheap parts

Shit a quad core phenom here is around 300 USD and more WTF indeed:tdown:

Since were are here, anyone know where I can buy good computer parts like newegg but that will actually ship to mexico???

Otherwise Im screwed

I made my calculations and I nedd around $2100 USD dollars to have a decent gaming rig here in mexico.

phenoms are weak compared to intel’s quadcores

i would not go with a quad core for gaming. most games aren’t built to use the full potential of quad core CPU’s and only use up to 2 of them limiting your performance. not to mention the PSU that comes with that case will have a hard time powering it if your running a high performance GPU like an 8800 series card. save a couple bucks and buy a dual core:

and use the savings to step up from Gskill ram. i have 4 gigs of mushkin in my machine and xp x64 sees every bit of it. it’s fast, reasonably priced and they have good customer support. it’s definitely personal preference (i just hate g.skill). heres 2 gigs of mushkin 1066. think it keeps you within your budget.

good luck on your build.

mobos for and quadcores themselves are more in price I’ve been all over newegg besides this thread is for help with my price range and for thorough reviews please

i believe intel’s “quadcores” are dual dual cores, while AMD’s are actual quad cores.

yeah, they’re MCM’d(multi-chip module) dual-cores

ps. intel > AMD right now so I’d go with a core/quad

You should use a different power supply than the one that comes with that case. Pretty much every PSU that come with cases are crap and go out within a year. Get something from a reliable company like Antec. What graphics card do you plan on using? That’ll determine how powerful of one you need (for a gaming comp 400w sounds pretty low, and if you’re using something power hungry like a GeForce 8800 or 9800 then good 12v rails are essential too).

I also second the advice to get a dual-core if you’re strictly building this for gaming, but I recommend the Intel core2duos over AMD’s line. You pay a little more, but in every benchmark I’ve seen the core2 just blow everything else out of the water.

thanks guys for all the info…the decision Is pretty hard the dual cores amds are more but the intel dual cores cost A LOT more and no budles are available. if somone could tell me where I could get a cheaperdual core intel and mob budle

uh, no they don’t. the cheapest c2d is 116-ish and the quads are in the 240 range. they’re very affordable right now

Alright guys i COMPLETELY revamped my PC build thanks to user input

Let me know what you think.

Cost 430*(right at my limit) or with a GREAT MSI mobo $500

Rosewill TU-155 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/400w PSU

BioStar GeForce8500GT 256MB 128bit GDDR2 SLI support (I picked this one because i dont have a monitor that will support the newer DVI slots, this one is cheap has decent specs and supports future DX10apps)

Corsair XMS 2gb DDR2 (1066!!!) 60$ after Mail in rebate!!

Intel Core 2 DUO E6750 Conroe @ 2.66 mhz (65w)

Now heres where the price point chances for a 430$ system the

Gigabyte GA-P31-S3G LGA 775 Intel P31 ATX intel board goes for 65$

but if i got with a NICE board then the price point is 500$ the

MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard $125

Then it comes with future expansion capability (and a nice optical jack for my bose surrounds sound^_^)

Tell me what you guys think.
If anyone can help or give a review i would much appreciate it. THanks.