New Console Arcade at CSULB

just went by the student union yesterday cus i hear about this thought it would be a good place to hold casuals and maybe start a ran bat or somethin…

This place has 10 40 inch flat screens with 4 360 set ups 4 ps3 setups and 2 wii setups
nice chairs and PC setups in the middle

im not sure if the TVs have lag the more than likely do i havent had a chance to play on them yet but will soon

What do u guys think about this?

I’d be down to show up. Hopefully I don’t get banned again.

pretend not to be a dick for a few hours.

just pretend…

the lag isnt noticeable but its there
i have class there all summer so im down to play if folks show up

Shit’s hard, man. But I’ll try for the sake of the children.

I’m new to SRK… I’m a rose player, and I’d be down to play some fools. havent seen the set up yet but it sounds dope

yo andy whens your class? ill meet you up im not a student there but im a short bike ride away im not quite on your level but i think u could help me level up a ton
i Main Rose

monday wednesday 1 to 4
tues thurs 11-3

im available after class

Don’t they charge you $5/hour to play?

Wonder if they gonna moved all those old arcade machines to the new recreation center…