New conspiracy theory needed...flat earth seems like the next hipster stuff


So I’ve been a conspiracy theorist for as long as I can remember. When I was told to take the trash out as a kid, I always knew my parents were just involved with the illuminati’s plan to destroy the planet by not recycling waste. When I was told the twin towers had fallen, I was like “if they’re twins, why is one taller than the other?” That one’s obvious. When I was told that we were on a ball floating in nothing around the sun, of coarse I was going to see right through the plot of illuminati smarty pantses and notice it was another spell put on the people in worship of the sun. So anyway I’m depressed enough to need another conspiracy to sit in front of my computer and waste time not masturbating


Ooh ooh ooh… you need to go search this forum for my Gootecks alien laugh language conspiracy. This cipher must be SOLVED!

The truth is out there.



The Cannons and EVO are merely a puppet for Wizard’s McRib World Domination.


Reads like Beguiled infused angelpalm.


So is it spelled Chic-fil-a? Or Chick-fil-a?

Don’t google it. Which do YOU remember?


The latter.

'Murika needs 'dat “k” to reinforce its fastfood protein.




Is that Quebec for Francais?


Québécoise are barbarians that haven’t been shown the glory of Chick-fil-A yet.


God is real. Scientists are working with the devil to make people sway from religion.


Jet beams doesn’t melt steel fuel.




ive never met a flat earther…but im pretty convinced i prob wont be able to stop myself from choking them to death. cant let those genes pass on…gotta stop it now.


Chem trails are making people gay


Mind blown.



Wait, what?


Shin Akuma didn’t die for this.

OP needs to step his doo-doo game up, B.


[quote=“FOBio, post:16, topic:181322”]

Wait, what?


read the post again.


reads like someone trying hard to be beguiled



I was drunk one Friday night and watched a 45 minute video on the flat Earth. While almost none of their evidence of a flat Earth was compelling, some of the ways in which they refuted evidence of it being round was.

Ultimately, I was left feeling like we have less of an understanding of the world and universe around it than we’re lead to believe.

Anyway, I don’t think 100% of flat Earthers or moon landing deniers are necessarily crazy. I don’t think they are correct, but I understand their conviction.