New copy of KOFXIII for sale or trade PS3

My PS3 is dead again. I am done with it. I am selling KOFXIII for $25 or trading it for the 360 version.

does it come with a case and instructional booklet? what condition is the disc in? are you a smoker? i’m interested. 25 shipped?

It comes with the booklet and case. The disc is in good shape. Yes, 25 shipped.

can you ship it out today if I send payment via paypal? and your paypal is confirmed right?

I just set up paypal today for this. I have not had an account in years. It won’t be confirmed for a few days since I bank with a credit union. So, I would say, Wed. at the earliest.

Does this come with the 4-disc compilation soundtrack?

I’ll take it if anyone backs out of it ahead of me…I can pay right away…


will trade for 360 version

I sent a message for the trade. If that falls through, I’ll contact you guys in post order.

i pmed you way before i posted so dont forget about that. thanks.

trade accepted