New Corner Reset + More Setups for Fake MK Cross Up



Have never seen anyone use this…

In the left hand corner only: EX palm > While the opponent is in the air, Close Standing HK as soon as possible so you hit the opponent in the air with the top of your kick > Immediately diagonal jump MK > follow up with full combo

The MK will not cross up in the left corner, and you’ll land on the same side you started on, so it looks very tricky. If the opponent has figured this out, you can delay the close standing HK a fraction of a second, Jump MK and it will cross up (you’ll land in the corner).

Tested this against several characters in the lab and it causes Shoryuken to whiff as well as all the 4 frame wake ups (Cammy, Guile, Fei Long etc.). You can do the same reset in the right corner with J. LK but cannot combo after. I don’t think the MP after the J.MK is a true blockstring (you can shoryuken through it) so use MK if you can’t risk it.

Anyone have any other good set ups for the fake cross up with MK in the left corner?


Just did this reset in Ranked for about 2 hours and it worked about 95% of the time XD Only 2 people read it and they were A ranked. The Jumping MK looks so much like a cross up its ridiculous.

Thought I’d add the other common setup for the fake MK cross up:

In left corner: Forward throw in corner > LP Palm (for timing) > Cross up MK

Again, you’ll land on the same side you started. I like to option select a sweep to catch focus dashers. Goooood stuff.


Well to be fair, no normal crosses up in the left corner unless its super deep. So normally I do ex plam, hp hado, lp hado, cr.lp, to stay on the same side and this works for both corners. You could use and it still wouldnt cross up unless you do it deep as you’re pointing out here. I would imagine that the is making it a bit more ambiguous though because you would be on top of them right as they land which gives the opponent no time to even guess lol. Also the would actually combo leaving no room for a reversal so this has a one up on for the left corner. Good find.


Yup just another tool in the tool belt. It’s also one of the easier resets to perform so could be good for starting Goukens.

Another Reset with CS. HK:

Was fighting a good Oni yesterday and saw he would do a lot of resets in the corner into throw. Specifically he would hit me as I was coming down so I did the little backflip animation close to the ground and then grab me as soon as I landed. It looked tricky because he was finishing his move animation at the same time as my backflip animation. Here’s what I came up that would accomplish the same thing.

In the corner: Ex palm > HP fireball > LP fireball > Close standing HK > Grab

The HK animation finishes right as they are landing so you can instantly grab them. If they figure out you will go for grab, you can replace the grab with an EX demon flip (if the opponent has a decent reversal), and you should be able to punish against most characters.


BEHOLD! Left Corner Fake Crossup MK list. Tested on all characters with:

Left Corner: Fwd Throw > whiff LP Palm > J.MK

Works on:

El Fuerte
Original dummy Gouken set to do the setup on Ryu. So maybe with some weird timing you can get fake crossup on the characters under the NO list. This setup list also works for the above setup from Techno: Left Corner: EX Palm > CS.HK > J.MK
Enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Awesome work. Appreciate the break down. I’ve actually been noticing that some characters do seem too skinny to get caught in the corner shenanigans. With good players they will almost always try to dash out but I’ve been able to catch them with sweep as I land from the J.MK.


indeed the characters hitbox is definitely interesting as even Zangief does not get hit by the fake cross up.


Whether or not you cross up depends on how late early you press j mk


yes, but as stated, the fake crossup does not work on all characters.


We need to see some right cornershit now


Then take Zangief, Fei, and Rufus off the NO list please (there could be more but I’m not going through them all)… Zangief I tested him first just to make sure that I haven’t gone crazy.

The whiffing of the palm is not necessary to test this, whiffing palms and throwing normals and all types of shit out there before you jump in is just for timing and/or building meter. All you have to do is push them into the corner and see if you press j. mk early if it lands in front and if you press it later will it cross up, that will tell you who it works and doesn’t work on.

He is on point that the cross ups where you are standing directly next to the opponent only works in the left corner… but you can also make this work by not electing to whiff the palm and walk back a few blocks to put your self in the ambig space to get the same result on those on the NO list and in the right corner respectively.

You can also do a version of this vs Akuma mid screen where you land in front, but if he dps you either cross him up and stuffs him or he whiffs.

But enough my change in the bucket, I will bow out and let you guys have at it… Carry on.

Edit: and i’m not trying to discredit Techno’s work, I just want to make sure we aren’t misleading anyone or overlooking anything indirectly.


pixel walk it or take a 1/2 step back then try it, you wind up hitting them in that ambig unblockable window. Depending on your spacing and when you pressed mk you’d cross up or not. The right corner is some bs. Lol

It’s the same tech that we use when you fake j. lk cross up in the corner but still stay in front… the timing is just a little bit different. Aim for the prime meridian and you’ll be good.