New costumes ?


Some new costume you would like for your character ?

I know 3s fan are very conservative about the game, and I can understand it since the OG game keep being butchered by shitty editors for almost 8years now. But if the thing is done with taste, what will be your reaction to some costume added to the game ?

Any serious idea about the costume you would like ?

Ibuki in swim suit ? lol I know some perv of you want it.

More seriousely, I found some concept design character for SF4 and there were some very cool idea in it whom ( ? ) could have done great in third strike. Want to see them ?


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Sports bra/booty shorts Makoto, and I don’t even play her.



I’m in love.


Impossible to do Costume packs for a sprite-based game but if it were possible:

That and Hulk Hogan Alex and string bikini Elena.




You want makoto to wear sexy short ? She’s ugly, why do you want to make her “looks” sexy ?

“Impossible to do Costume packs for a sprite-based game but if it were possible:”

Of course you can, it’ll just take you to re draw every single sprites of the character. There’s over 1200 sprites for a 3S character, good luck doing it, but it’s still possible to do. Now implement them in the game would be another story…


Those Makoto legs aaaaa


She’s not the cutest of the bunch, but you’re not paying attention to the right area if you’re complaining about her face when we’re talking about booty shorts.

we are discussing her booty


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I thought this was going to say:

Urien - Suit

/thread, yeah thats it, all you need.


I agree Urien with a his suit would be really cool.

Let’s see…

Q - I’d like to see an alt withour his jacket or mask!
Ken - Alpha II variant (long hair)
Ibuki - School girl outfit
Remy - Sexy open jacket win pose variant

the list goes on and on.


“Ken - Alpha II variant (long hair)”

Na that would look too awkward since 3s’s ken is the manliest and oldest ken of all… That was cool in A3 since he was young and pretty gay, but in 3s…

More than Urien with his suit, what about a costume that would give him Sagat pants on his alternate Sf4 vanilla costume ?
Always thought that he will looks great with it. A simple outfit and that would fits him well. But only available with his original color ( brown ), that would be too much color with the rest of his wtf color.

I’m very glad hardcore fans are open to new costume for their beloved game.

Other ideas ? Someone told me about ironman outfit for urien. That would be fun, but 3s is serious shit, so no no.


she can lick a sack and you can put your balls on her nose :smiley:


3S is the trolliest SF game. From gameplay, to looks. I think of Oro whenever I think someone is trolling.


Yun w/ Sean-esqu skateboard prop taunt would’ve been kinda cool… No idea how it’d be implemented but it’d be interesting.
Also… Sakura variant Ibuki/Makoto. I dig Makoto’s school outfit in SF4. Dat leg wrap on dat thigh… Those thighs… Also, I dunno how many people play RS 2 but Ran is one of my favorite characters and has that Ibuki look so an outfit swap their would be cool.


Also, considering the game’s strong attempt at urban appeal, why not give Sean a more urban look? Baggy jeans, backwards baseball cap, wallet w/ chain, and wristbands.
Ahhh… The constraints of sprite animation.


he can throw a skateboard at their head!


[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Trebuchet MS][INDENT][FONT=Helvetica]"Ahhh… The constraints of sprite animation."
Of course, that would require big work but that doable. There’s some 1200 sprites for a character, yes, but the works is almost all done.
There’s already the original sprite, the shadow on it, you just have to do some re draw.
I agree with the urban costume for Sean. It was in my head since I saw the character for the first time. That would fit him really, really well. [/FONT]


unless you have animation experience, i don’t think you realize how many man hours it is for something that’s completely pointless and would almost certainly be a huge net loss for capcom.

not to mention it wouldn’t look the same. you can emulate someone elses style but it’ll never quite look like it fits correctly. and i seriously doubt those animators work at capcom anymore. or if they do, as 2d animators currently.


Honestly? Let’s read this thread with a different approach. There’s pretty much a 99% chance “new costumes in 3rd Strike” won’t happen. Too much money, too much effort, not enough benefits. For ANYONE, really.

How about…we just play fanboys here and just discuss what we would LIKE to see? Forget reality here, let’s geek the shit outta ourselves here.