New Coverage of EVO 2k8

Hey guys, my name is Slasher and im the assistant editor in chief of Longtime esports/competitive gaming journalist and we feel it’s necessary that EVO got some mainstream coverage like everyone else (CGS, MLG, CPL, etc). We’ve dedicated our front page top banner to the announcements and plan on covering all the events this year. Can’t wait!

You’re my hero :lovin:

Yes! Yesh!

this is a fuckin sweet idea its about time we get in the same limelight as mlg n shit were better anyway lol


Great news :tup:

cool news but ur readers are totally racist

comment from the marvel announcement

“I don’t know what it is about the Versus series. It was like when that started the arcades went to ****. Seriously with the group of people that were always on those machines it should have been named super minority fighter.”


I gotta agree with Min, that shit was a very racist comment, then a good amount of the other posters were saying how great of a post it was.

Super Minority Fighter. :lol:

QFT!!! God I love that youtube vid watches it now:looney:

street fighter IS minority fighter

Basically. I’m not white that’s for sure.

Slasher; Duc Do won MvC2 in 2005.

but racism is soo gdlk.

NO! Every event this guy covers goes out of business! They travel from event to event, sucking the life out of them until they die. Now that the WSVG and CPL are dead, they need a new host to feed off of. Parasites!

Hey guys, some of you know who I am because I did Get Your Tournament. I now work for Gameriot.

Some of you remember I tried to do updates at last year’s finals and the site crashed several times. I was thoroughly pissed. Guarantee that shit won’t happen this year because this web site is a lot bigger than what I was working on before.

Lots of updates are coming. :woot:


Hahaha, I cant tell if you’re serious or not but thats pretty awesome.

As for the haters, they will be reigned in (read squelched and/or banned) if they start using racial slurs or personal attacks. Most of the community are decent people but its a gaming community and there are always… children. And I mean that in a sense that has nothing to do with age.

unless you work for espn and youre covering EVO, i dont give a shit who you are or who you work for.


yikes, how about a little optimism?