New Coverage of EVO 2k8

Mahvel baby. :lol:


How is MvC2 not Minority Fighter? :rofl:



i remember seeing you and ecstasy in a q3 server not too long ago.

btw gillz says hi.

From now on psychic DPs will be known as nice prediction DPs.

will there be a live video stream with commentary?
i’m eager for that type of coverage

“nice prediction taunt there by justin wong” – Slasher :slight_smile:

You guys are awful :(.

as for a live stream, I’m not sure really. Maybe EVO themselves will have one this year?

Just keep Ming away and everyone will be happy.

heres GSNs super shitty coverage of evo2k4 at cal poly:

10 clips in all, but its all put together pretty terribly. host and gsn didnt know what the fuck at all. probably a good reminder of what not to do.

Jump in the ring and grab that toggle stick thingy… -Kurt Long
That was pretty hilarious to watch.

EDIT: But he was fag. PPS: He really is a fag/He just exploited on all gamer stereotypes…

I dont think its even possible to make Evo look any less cool.

I just came from a pokemon website and even I was embarrassed after watching that coverage.

Ninja edit: So thats why Soul Calibur isn’t at Evo anymore…

You’re missing the point. The statement implies that it’s shitty becuase it’s surrounded by minorities.

I just wish u’d use a different name…

Not happening.


It’s still SUPER ! :rofl: