New Cross Compatible PS3+XBox360 Joysticks for sale

Checkout my webshop at for new stuff.

Pictured stick is $200 & works on BOTH systems & PC.
-Happ Competition Stick & Buttons
-Poplar Wood enclosure (May switch to MDF after a while)
-Lexan top
-10 foot USB cable
-Neutrik USB port

See youtube video:

If you can’t buy one, do me a favor and atleast “digg” it for me!

how much?

is this a “make an offer” or do you have an specific price on this stick? this is just an opinion but I think you should at least give us a brief description on what kind of stick, buttons,or wood you are using, you know stuff like that.

Selling forum rules state you need to post prices, so we need prices asap please

website says" *

  Deluxe MekTek USB Joystick...


  $200.00 USD

That’s a pretty nice MvC3 stick.

Do you sell blank cases as well? (instead of a full custom)

Follow-up question if yes:

Do you do japanese style button layouts?

How much for a blank case with holes drilled?


looks pretty cool.

So you want 200$ for it?

yes, sorry I didnt put a price it has a direct link to my shop with prices, editing post now!

Not selling project boxes, just complete sticks.

I’m only doing Happ now.

I can put any Art you supply under the stick as well. just message me on etsy!

would you have and be willing to sell the sanwa battop and adapters? i can’t fing them anywhere.

No sorry these are actual HAPP sticks, American Style. These are not Sanwa sticks with bat adapters.

It’s funny that you posted this, b/c I actually searched Etsy yesterday for “fightstick” and “arcade stick.” Didn’t find you, though. You might want to work some more buzzwords/tags into the item descriptions.

One gem I did find, a little button that reads “When in doubt, button mash!” And so I do.

So I do.

Thanks for the tip Mr. tibbs I will update my search terms. I also have Sanwa/Japanese Layout sticks now that have a lot slimmer profile!

I am having a sale as well:

[SIZE=5]I just lowered prices at my custom joystick shop AND created a coupon for an additional 5% off! Use coupon code FBFIVEOFF to save some extra cash. Remember I can use ANY ART YOU WANT AND MY HARDWARE WORKS FOR BOTH PS3 & XBOX360![/SIZE]