New CT Thread

i’ve played games with you guys in some interesting places and settings, though never did i think we’d be playing outdoors amidst heavy rains, lightening
and fireworks, good times

props to ryan for his wrestling entrance with pyro included

Walter, Sorry I couldnt make it. Sounds like it was a great time but I had to many family obligations to get drunk with. Hopefully I can be there next time.
Lightning, rain, electronics and booze. . .What a combo.

So when is CT going to get together again. Sounds like that bbq was a lot of fun, wish I could’ve went. I hope there’s more sessions more often in the future.


next to john mcclane

who can standup to my yun

I’ll make yun sitdown.

Best Alex on the EC

whos got the best alex on the east coast , walter?

who wants to buy a mas stick

I do, what kind/how much? What condition is it in?

Ill Will has the best alex on the EC

lol u are selling that thing now john. lol what u trying to get for it

i’ll take $80 flat. In good condition. Has a p360 and all happ buttons which were put in about 6 months ago. The board was made from a stock playstation1 controller, so it will work with basically any convertor. problems with the stick are select/start buttons have not yet been wired to work, also some of the screws are old and become loose. manny-you can contact me on aim or through pm for more info. lemme know kids

lol, MAS.

also it will come autographed by dxp!

Who’s going to web2zone next saturday?

anyone want to mess around cos-play style? me in a pink dan robe, you in zangief tights. you can level 3 all over my butthole

I am going to Web2Zone this Sat. Im going to see if I should bring my TV or what for MvC1 casuals.

hahaha mvc1. wow that game is coming back?

yeah it def is, There is some hype building so I figured we could use the casuals at WEb2Zone, also there is some talk of having a MvC1 tourney at next years CT EVO event.

I just got okd by Shotokan Symphony so there will def be MvC 1 this weekend.

Get HYPE CT!!! Lets go down there and rep that shit.


SBW: Lend us your home, homie.

Super sayin EDIT: GWM is SO SHINY!

You here that motherfuvkers??? +SHINY!!!