New Custom Stick

Hey guys well i just got finished building a box for an arcade stick. I haven’t drilled the holes up top yet but when i do it won’t ruin the paint. Anywho just posting it unfinished so i can get some feedback on the paint job and craftsmanship. hope you all like it. i worked pretty damn hard on it. :tup: O byt the way i’m selling a pelican universal pcb board. if anyone is interested pm me.

And this is the artwork for the person buying it

I see that the top is inset, and I assume it is for lexan. Is the inset 1\8" ?

Yah its for 1/8 plexi-glass.

Very nice finish on the wood
what color pattern will the stick and buttons be?

They are going to be red more than likely.

shit is tight tho… no doubt…
got my prop’s on that stick yo.:tup:
I’ll be waiting for mine… Nigga! :clap:

Really nice job man! I am very impressed by the slick paint job as well.
Was it spray paint the whole way? Glossy:)

well actually i sanded it…primed it…sanded that…primed it 2 more times…3 flat coats…and 5 laqcuer (however u spell it) coats…so i used a whole lot of paint

nice.very nice.I bet the buyer will be thrilled.

You took our advice to heart, I see. Good shit. :slight_smile:

yah i learn from the best:)

Well i finally finished the whole box art, plexi, buttons, and stick. all thats left to do is to do the guts of it. I’ll update some other pix later one. But here are some pix of what i’ve done. Its about 70 percent done.

damn chainz, your style is getting better and better. I think I will have to recommend your sticks creations to some buddies, :slight_smile:

good job bruv, i like i like

well he made it for me good shit chainZ the artwork came out just like i thought it would everything looks good man

O shit ChainZ got some new stuff. It looks sick. I think your work is getting better everytime. But you gotta hook me up haha. Nah man but the work is sick everything from the art down to the buttons. Hope to see more and congrats :clap:

chainz… you best be praising me for being your artwork guru… :stuck_out_tongue:

nice work yet again… with my help :wink:

yah thanx Shodokan123 for helping me out with the art. Wouldn’t be as good without ur help :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanx for the comments by the way. I took everyones advice to heart and it came out pretty sick. thanx for everything that put in their 2 cents

Shit is tigh foo…Good Job

Here are some updated pix. The stick is finally done.

That’s some organized shit. How long it take u to organize that? Clean too clean