New Custom Stick

Is that a Happ ultimate stick?
Also, don’t forget to mount the pad somehow. I wouldn’t leave it hanging loose.

Good shit, overall.

Nah, definitely a comp, not an ultimate. Heh, you really only do use supers, eh? I’ll have to give them a whirl sometime.

Anyway, looking good, Chainz!

Thanx again guys. Naw i alraedy mounted it down…for some odd reason its a 2 part ps1 dualshock pcb board. Why? i have no freaking clue…boggles my mind as well. But i glue gunned one piece down and screwed the other one down…so its pretty reinforced. I’ve started on another one. I hope this one comes out as good as the Alex one. Anyone interested in future purching let me know. I don’t charge as much as other stick makers. heh. But anyways I’m up for any criticism. I want my shit to come out gooood. Alright i’m outtie. laters

Just wanted to come in and say that this man knows what he’s doing when it comes to custom sticks. I got this beauty off him about a week ao. Primo shit here…

I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten something as beautiful as this. Thank you chainZ. Remember how I siad my friends wouldn’t stand a chance? Now they won’t even play me, LOL!!!

Just to let you know Jeff, your links are broken. The … are part of the link.

And good shit Chainz, your stick skills are coming along very nicely. Very cleak inside job too, I’m very jealous of that.

whoops, sorry didn’t know they were dead links. ChainZ, do me a favor and show them all the stick I got from you.

I’ll look for them Jeff. BTW i already sold the Alex stick. Anyone interested in a custom stick PM me or post it. I only do happ parts for now. Just need to learn the whole Sanwa mounting deal. So anyone interested hit me up. I got one stick to do right now so i wouldn’t mind making another one. lates

Very nice ChainZ! Looks very good. Any insidepics?
Kepp it up my friend!

The inside pix are on post #19 buddy. Thanx again man. I’m starting a stick as we speak. Its gonna be 14X11 and 3 inches high. Not gonna have an angle.

take a look at my pm chainz, I’m interested in a new one if you are interested in making one for me. Sorry it took so long to write yyou back, been very busy.

WOW awsome work man i picked up the stick yesterday i nearley skeeted myself when i saw the work lol but yea very good stick handles great keep up the good work man

Hey guys i’ve started 2 new boxes. The smaller one is for a customer but the big one which is 16X12 is more than likely going to be for sale. I’m not going to paint it or drill holes or anything. If anyone is interested IM me, Pm me, or Post up if you’d like it. If anyone is interested then they can tell me wut kind of button layout, paint etc… they would want…So far i only do HAPP parts…still learning the whole Sanwa thing. Well anyways here are the pix

Small Box

BIG box

Nice man!I wanna learn how to make those

hey chainz, I understand you are busy, but I need to know if you are interested in making me a stick or not. Its kinda important. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

Very nice! Can not wait untill you have a pic of the finished product. Gonna be great.
Three thumbs up!

Jefferiah yah i’m pretty busy right now making two boxes. I should be done with them in about a week. Cause i got summer school and shit. But hopefully after that i’ll be able to start on yours.

TheRealNeoGeo thanx man. I’ll be updating picutures as i keep going a long.

Once again, that Bigger box i’m making is just going to be a pre-made box with no holes or art for it. So if anyone is interested let me know.

Here is some art i made for the big stick

Any type of feedback/comments are greatly appreciated.

I think its really nice.

will the buttons obscure the characters?

Naw they won’t. Well i haven’t mapped out the buttons yet but more than likely imma do another American style button layout. So i’ll edit if i have to. This is going to be the final art. Hopefully i wouldn’t have to edit too much. It is going to have red buttons and a red stick.