New Custom Vewlix style Akuma joystick

Hey guys… Lately I’ve been inspired by the vewlix style box several have designed and made. Here’s my latest incarnation.

[]Happ Competition Joystick/Buttons
]Dimension: 13.5x9.5x3.5"
[]control panel: 12"x8" MDF
]Sides: 3/4" poplar
[]Acrylic: 12"x8"x0.093"
]Primer: Killz
[*]Paint: Colorplace Red and Black from Walmart (I couldn’t resist the price)

Q: Will this one work with Japanese parts?
A: No, but maybe my next version will.

Q: Why don’t you use a thicker side than 3/4"?
A: Because I didn’t find any hardwood thicker than that at my Home Depot at the time.

Q: Does it have to be that tall?
A: For Happ parts, that’s about pretty close to as short as I can go, unless i start cutting the joystick shaft. I prefer not doing that since it’ll change the throw distance. If I make another one for Japanese parts, I’ll definitely make it shorter.

Q: I don’t like your joystick/button layout; can you change it?
A: I don’t like it either. Some people suggested that a standard vewlix layout has the joystick and buttons too close, so I opted to use the wider layout for this box. As it turns out, this was a huge mistake. Playing on the wider layout feels like driving a sports car with a truck steering wheel. Maybe some of you guys prefer it. I personally can’t stand it.

Anyhow, if this one receives enough positive attention, I might be interested to make a few more with slight modifications.

ii like it, but after getting my fingers raped so many times by happs i have to ask:

why happs? :frowning:

also, seriously tall, like… wow

edit: nice, but… that thing is like, taller than me dawg

but, yeah, joystick is way too far away.

While a lot of you may be inclined to dismiss any joystick that uses Happ, I personally like them a lot. I’ve got nothing against Sanwa or Seimitsu, it’s just that I actually play better on the Happ sticks/buttons. I guess my biggest issue is dashing on Sanwa JLF. I feel like the stick doesn’t have enough spring action to kick it back to neutral. Regardless, I’m kind of torn between Happ and Sanwa. To me, both have their strengths and weaknesses. I just haven’t gotten extremely comfortable with Sanwa yet.

Surely when my shipment of JLF comes in from Lizardlick (who knows when), I’ll be making another box using Japanese parts.

tall to fit the happ

I’m used to American since I’ve been playing at arcades more than console until recently, jap is standard but Happ works just as well if you’re used to it.

Awesome stick! The MAS stick I use is also HAPP, and I have no complaints whatsoever about their components.

Very nice man. Kudos

i like iL sticks just fine. I only wish they made them smaller so i can have them in a smaller box.

I love the jlf the most though.


personally i like Happ only because I grew up with Happ


wow,i really love ur stick,i’m planning on making a very similar one (not copying ur design thought of it before i saw ur stick^^).
could u please tell me where u got the artwork from?
also how did u make the front and sides so they match and have the right angles? i was told that it was near impossible unless u got machines they only have in a carpenters workshop…
could need some advice…

Awesome stick. I play on Sanwa bat top right now but I love my old non-crappy version Happ P360. Happ is fine!

Wasn’t he asking about buttons?


As for angles, I have a table saw with a tilt adjustment. You’re right, it would be near impossible to cut like that with a hand saw.

This is what I’m using.,6,41,p251,

i thought so…:frowning:
maybe i’ll find someone that has such a saw!
thanks for the info though!

Looks great man! Maybe get some round top, preferably hex screws for the corners, but that’s a nitpick for sure. Nice work!

The screws I’m using now are countersunk to be flushed to the plexi. I don’t think round ones will allow me to flush it.

Yeah, from the side profile view you don’t see any screws poking out :smiley:

OH, I see that now. Maybe color the tops black with a sharpie or something? The natural metal color just gives it a tiny bit of an unfinished look. Still damn good work.

Thanks, I need to go find a sharpie now.

I like everything about it but the joystick has to sit closer to the buttons as previously stated.

How much would you charge to make one up?

I made a new one with the joystick closer.