New CvS2 vid again


Well, I don’t know if you remember the “Li’s Ghetto CvS2” vid that I put up like 2 and ahalf weeks ago. Well, I got the new “Li’s Ghetto CvS2 v2” done but I can’t find a server to put it on so I need someone to help me.
Also, I won’t be able to put it up for 1 more week. But I think its funnyer then the other one, so if you liked the old one you’ll like this one.


Yeah that other vid you had was pretty funny…
I put it on my combo vcd for shits and giggles…
Sorry i cant help you out with ur little dilema :smiley:


You wouldn’t happen to be Frito Bandito from the hatemail section of, would you?


Umm…i have no idea what is…
why is that Frito Bandito an ass-clown?





Ok, Im able to put it up. Just a matter of time I guess.


Li asked me to host his new vid. Unfortunately, it’s too big for me to host and even though Windows Media Player plays it fine, none of my editing programs can open it so i can’t make it smaller.

But here’s what i can do. I can host it for one day so anyone who’s curious can get it and hopefully he’ll either be able to resize it for me or find a more permanent host soon.’s_Ghetto_2.mpg

It’s a pretty entertaining vid. He does this one thing with Ken that i think is pure genius.


Thanks Maj. I’ll try to do what I can to shrink it tommorrow afternoon.


lol that Ken shit was gold. The “CvS2 Ken vs 3S Ken” and the Shinryuken was genius.


i cant download the whole thing… i only got the video to the ken part… wats up?


Thanks man.

I plan on trying to shrink it today or tommorrow. When evr I get back. Ill inform Maj when Im done.


It’s been a couple of days now so i’m taking down the vid at midnight, which is in about five minutes. Hopefully Li will get back to me with a version that’s under 20MB soon.


Im doing what I can. I’m really busy. I’m hosting a tournament soon, and so far theres 18 people. Getting more calls to. Ill see how it goes.


LiSyaoran3063: Do you have MSN? If you can send me the video I’ll host it for you, no matter what size it is.



Ill also host the vid(s) If need be. Contact me on msn or aim
Obot64 or obot64


Lol …Dude Obot. That one video of yours. The Dobey and Crisp one. That song is just too funny. Li just got back this weekend, If he xfers the vid over to my comp. I’ll hit you up and we’ll get it hosted. He opted for more resolution over compression this time I think. And my connect sucks @_@.


huh? Dobey and Crisp? which one is that? :confused:


Sorry -JD-, I don’t have MSN, But I do have AIM, so if I can set up a time with you Obot64, ill give it to you.

And the Dobey & Crisp is on your random tactics vid. The one that ended with Ryu doing that Tattsumaki Semppukyakku combo on Yun (not on game footage)

DOBEY & CRISP!! :lol:


Since there seems to be a lot of curious people again, i’ll host the vid until O64 and JD get it.’s_Ghetto_2.mpg


which codec does this use? i’m unable to play this file.