New cvs2 Videos from socal


Also, if anyone with a real dedicated server would like to host matches, I would be happy to upload them to you since these file sites are usually ass

We’re slowly posting match videos of riverside vs. irvine videos on There are currently 9 videos available

I put a lot of info on each video so i think you can search “cvs2 sunday night fights” and the like to get videos. ANYWAYS, new fresh matches, turn the sound up cause some comical shit talking happens in some of them


UCRollerblader K-CBS Vs. Dentron A-Are Note- End of this match is hilarious, dl this first if you get the chance

UCRollerblader C-vega/cammy/sagat vs. Pigadoken P-rock/cammy/sagat Note- Yay i actually beat Albert’s cheap ass in this one, very good demonstration of p-groove

UCRollerblader C-vega/cammy/sagat vs. Mr. Bean K-rock/cammy/sagat Note-Pretty nuts match with a full jd of cammy super and some other nutty mynutty shit

Sir Phobos (A-Are) Vs. Khoa (A-Blanka/Ken/Chun)

UCRollerblader (K-CBS) Vs. Eugene (A-Rolento/Sakura/Bison)

Sir Phobos (A-are) Vs. Mr. Bean (K-kyo/rock/sagat)

UCRollerblader (C-vega/chun/sagat) vs. Khoa (A-blanka/ken/chun)

Sir Phobos Vs. Hail and Kill this thread has 8 fresh matches of them up. WOOT

I watched these a bit earlier, good shit guys. Audio commentary is almost better than the match itself.

where are vids of my dope chun li… :[

Great, Great matches guys.

Tiger Fuckercut! :clap: :clap: :clap:

nono, its tiger fuck-your-cunt

edit: i tried to watch the vids again and i only got the first 30 seconds of jesse vs bean pt 2 and albert vs bean but the other one went all the way through. maybe the work computer is just REALLY GOOD.

I’ve had other people tell me that occaisionally google will only load a 30 second clip of a video on there, so if that happens try reloading the page until it behaves. Awesome matches btw, thanks for sharing. Liked the JD of Cammy’s super.

bah, i played really bad in those mathces. =/

ATTENTION, first post will be updated periodically while I add videos

hahaha free custom into throw. dominator.

Wow. -___-

Roll activate worked? -___-

That video… was. uhhh…Good? O_o

I think im gonna do that custom from now on. Activate -> Throw…And taunting, missing and getting the start button was hilarious.

told you.

throw custom >> all

damn snaaaaaaaaaaake got 75hits into PTF. im just 4hits short now! im coming up guys,celebrate! nice vids btw,some of the cats were sucky though,but still loved to watch.

oh yea

our vids are clearly marked as “sunday night fights”

all that other snaaaake scrub boshit isn’t us.

when you guys add new vids, update the first post and add a new post, so when people reply, we know what vid they’re referring too.

big ass update… 5 more videos for direct download

dentron vs ucrollerblader

hella funny.

Where is nam? is he dead? and why is david in none of the vids?..anyway…nice vids though folks…apparantly you fucks are getting better…haha. HOLLA

ATL muthafucka!!!

liek omg. i got 80 hits in ptf. lets celebrate!!! -___-

Fuck ptf, activate -> throw is in.

Sunday Night Fights Moment #274

fuck you lol. why you gotta shut down the scrubs baby shine? im happy just to see someone make more than 70. i just never believed it. but fine,celebrate for sarcasm!!!


lol@ok man you get a free custom. activate->grab. pwned