New Darkstalkers? Maybe? Possibly?


If it’s true, so far the proposal has been approved, but let’s see what happens. I know eventhubs isn’t the best site to use, but it’s all I could find.


Everyones known this for quite some time. One of the few capcom fighters that hasnt received a next gen sequel yet. It only makes sense for Darkstalkers.

I’m just hoping they don’t pull a SF4 and over-bulk all the characters.

Lets pray they don’t reuse the SF4 engine for it either

We’ll see what happens, as long as Donovan’s in the game. And I hear one of Felicia’s moves is a charge now, in MvC, can it not be charge in DS4?

There’s a chance they’ll use the models from MvC3 for Morrigan and Felicia so your wish isn’t granted?

cant ono be content with ruining one once-great franchise

People really need to give this “SF4 is the end times” shit a rest.

Who else do you see overlooking any fighting game project in Capcom nowadays?

Fuck its not like they can get the old SF crew out of cryostasis to make this game so just fucking take it as it is.

hahaha stop calling sf4 bad and just be glad you got whatever they decided to make. good reasoning

I don’t think SSFIV is bad but using the SSFIV engine for a DS game just wouldn’t work at all.

They’ll probably move over to the materials they used for MvC3 now. I just hope I don’t ever see the return of the SF4 art style. Seriously, why?

What’s the alternative though?

Casual friendly dumbed down fighters are the norm now, and they make a profit, so why fight it anymore?

no more dumbed down games, keep playing old games + new games that arent dumbed down as fuck, thousands of retards that have flooded the the fg scene eventually get bored, fg scene keeps chugging along as niche as ever

Or we could just pretend that there is a good chance it wont turn out half baked with crap counters and spam galore and if there were counters, they would be intentionally very difficult to pull off requiring 3 full circle rotations for the heck of it.

You can sell lemonade to those who prefer soda for a day, or you could sell lemonade to those who drink it everyday. Even a penny is still considered a profit.

Keep on trollin’.

I highly doubt they would, or if they did it would have to be an extremely heavily modified engine, so much so that it would seem completely new. Too many mechanics integral to Darkstalkers that simply wouldn’t work just being nudged into the SFIV engine code.

I’d say there’s a higher chance of them releasing Darkstalkers game(s) with HD polish on XBLA / PSN first, then using the resulting sales to judge interest for a new title. The last two major separate releases in Capcom’s fighting genre (SFIV and the upcoming MvC3) were heavily influenced by success of sales of their preceding counterpart XBLA / PSN titles (SFII’ Hyper Fighting and MvC2). A digital release would be the best way for Capcom to decide whether it’d be worth it to move on a brand new Darkstalkers, though I’m sure the success of SFIV will make the idea more appealing.

All that being said, the idea of a new Darkstalkers is still very fledgling, so don’t get too bunched up about it one way or the other. I predict it’ll be at least six months before we hear anything concrete one way or the other.

That’s a horrible analogy. It’s more like this:

Casual soda drinker: "Hey, a lemonade stand. What’s it taste like?"
Lemonade vendor #1: "Well, it’s pretty good. It’ll refresh you on this hot day, that’s for sure."
Casual soda drinker: "Okay, I’ll have one. drinks Hey, this is pretty good! A bit watered down but I enjoyed it."
Lemonade vendor #1: "Be sure to tell your friends to have some too!"
Casual soda drinker: “I most certainly will. Thank you, kind sir.”

Casual soda drinker: "Hey, a lemonade stand. What’s it taste like?"
Lemonade vendor #2: "Piss off. I don’t want to sell any to you."
Casual soda drinker: "Wow, you’re incredibly rude and I don’t really want to try it. But, seeing as how I’m stupid and adventurous… drinks Ugh, this tastes like shit. Did you even put sugar in it?"
Lemonade vendor #2: "Pfft, it’s an acquired taste, idiot. You’d enjoy it if you weren’t such a soda casual."
Casual soda drinker: “You are rude, sir, and I shall take my business elsewhere.”

And when the elitists who have the acquired taste of lemonade vendor #2’s lemonade decide to start ridiculing lemonade vendor #1’s more “casual friendly” blend, vendor #1 will simply laugh and continue counting his money.

Also, a penny is only a profit if it exceeds the operating costs of your business. Take into consideration the cost of sugar and lemon juice (or powder, depending), cups, you’ll need a booth to sell from, signs to advertise, labor… you can’t spend all that money, sell only one cup of lemonade and consider your time well spent. If you’re not selling enough lemonade to cover all your previous costs and then some, you’ve lost money. Any serious lemonade salesperson knows this.

^ someone put waaay too much effort in this. LOL.

I hate SFIV, and SSFIV a little less, and I am not looking forward to DS, because you KNOW it’s going to noob friendly, BUT that’s the way it’s gonna be. Just don’t play the game. I avoided SFIV the WHOLE time it was out, and I had enough people to scrape in classic games that I was satisfied. But I definitely understand. I hate seeing people that think they’re good, because they can play SFIV. These are generally the same people that complain that every other game is too hard, or old. Generally those people’s opinion are void.

dunno why you so butthurt checks VS room on GGPO
…like any of you plays Darkstalkers or something

Uh… I actually do. Or did.

Infact played alittle recently, and I still got it…

Wow, third post and scrubs are already claiming that the most important thing to this games success is that their favourite character is in there.


Unless Anita is a playable sub boss this game will fail. amidoingitright?