New Darkstalkers? Maybe? Possibly?

this this oh god this!!!

We just had offline casuals the other day…

The more I think about it, the more I think that from a business perspective Capcom should make this game an action adventure or an RPG, and not a fighter.

Scandalous, I know, but let’s look at the facts- DS games have never been huge sellers on consoles. Hell, the only place they have been successful as arcade games is Japan, and that is not a big market anymore. They’re famously great games that never really got widespread play or sales in the west. Their big USP and the fundamental thing that everyone remembers- their broadest appeal- is the characters and lore of the DS world. Sure, some hardcore fnas are gonna pipe up and say “actually, the guard cancelling and chain system is the USP!” but like I said, the main, average punter who will buy DS games are typically just people who did Morrigan’s tits and like the Donovan story. Harddcore fighters are very much the minoruty.

If they made a DS action RPG I could see it going double platinum.

Obviously from a personal point of view as a fighting games player I want a classic 2D fighter though.

History shows this to be true. Just look at old fighting games like VS or CvS2 that nobody plays anymore.

Can’t get more simple than sf2:ww yet people want an advanced system like what exactly? Is it that you just don’t like the graphics. I don’t get how sfiv is dumbed down though. Somebody explain this? If people pull off those 1 frame link combos and do those cancels and work through the short cuts how is it dumbed down? No Parries? Or what.

I hope that dsiv is as intense as ds3 was

How is one frame link combos automatically make a game “deep”?

Can someone explain that to me?

considering that the original team behind DS are now on Arcsys, my hopes on this game are lowly moderate

people confuse execution with deep
actually im sure that many people on srk, dont know what really makes a game deep

I’m game, casual or not you’re still getting a fresh dose of the series which is a good thing. Also based on the strength of its sales and the demand of the players there’s always a chance we could end up with a remake following that (DS HDR anyone :wgrin:)

If everyone is so satisfied with other games, why spend so much time talking about how much you hate SSF4? And when did everyone get so good fortune telling?

How about everyone discussing DarkStalkers in this thread?

Nun outfit alternate for Felicia!

Errr…how about something like a Vegas show girl-like outfit?

no mai no buy

lol. SFIV hate.

If DS used high def sprites like KOF/BB people would still bitch.

The 3d look sells here. 2d is like old school and it doesnt appeal to casual gamers, ie: the majority of people who will buy the game then toss it a month later.

who is complaining about 3d

people who don’t like sf because it has no tsundere characters

I always thought Morrigan and Lilith were vampires but apparently they’re succubuses? Whores. :tdown:

the players they are the tsundere characters

that would explain pretty much everything about marn


Living under a rock?

I’m looking forward to seeing a new Darkstalkers game. My cautious optimism somewhat outweighs my deep-seated dread.

The only actual vampire in Vamire was Demitri. Wasn’t he? Was Jedah a vampire? I have no fucking clue. Maybe he’s an incubus that hangs out with giant fetuses. It always bothered me that they called Sasquatch a sasquatch when that mother fucker is clearly a yeti. >: d

I might buy that.

… or maybe they’ll just give us alternate costumes for free! : D