New Darkstalkers on Wii?


Capcom will announce a new title in the few days in the Famitsu magazine, Yoshinori Ono said “something bigger than SSFIV is coming” well for us a new Darkstalkers isnt bigger than SSFIV but he is a great fan.

and why on the wii? well Darkstalkers its not a very popular franchise (apart from Morrigan or Felicia) but in Wii they can make the game because its not too expensive develop it.

And well Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is for PS3 and X360, it no make sense another game for them.


There’s a big thread about the possiblity of a new Darkstalkers on the first page of this forum, this post would be better suited as a reply there.
Baseless wishful thinking doesn’t need it’s own thread.


On Facebook, Capcom keeps updating their status with “The adventure starts in (insert number of days left here)” I don’t see Darkstalkers as an adventure. I think it’s going to be something different.


Huh? Its not wishful thinking, its a sense thinking, I don’t have a Wii.


Still baseless and pointless though - the game is just a rumor, why a separate thread about what console it will be on? Just go to the “New Darkstalkers?” thread.


Whelp, it’s likely too early to announce SSF4T/SF5 due to it likely affecting sales, so… that’s it really. It could be a lot of things. SF v. Tekken sounds like something that would be easy to green light.

/posting out of boredom.


If a new Darkstalkers is on Wii then I will rampage Capcom’s headquarters.


I guess my only thing about “SF v Tekken”? Would it really equate with that much more in the way of business for either party involved?

I mean, Bamco and Capcom are already making plenty of money off of their “Gundam Vs.” joint-ventures as it is. Combining their two other arcade brands may be like when Paramount briefly considered putting Eddie Murphy in Star Trek 4. A bad idea, for the sake of business…


I wouldn’t lose sleep over such a thing. If/When a new Vampire game emerges, you can bet Capcom has likely “learned their lesson” from TvC’s example. Even when the game was exclusive to Japan, and pretty much did EVERYTHING for the sake of trying to cater to a Japanese crowd (Japanese franchise, the Wii was the main console of choice in Japan, etc.), the game didn’t sell the gang-busters that Capcom hoped.


I would also say hes just a big fan but doesn’t really know what to do. Could just as easily combine Street Fighter and Darkstalkers into a game. Then again I that doesn’t mean the gameplay is going to be any good.


Well I sure hope it’ll be on PS3 instead.
And that he does something else than SFIV with DS characters.
But perhaps that’s why it’s ‘bigger’, giving new life to a fighting series that has never been very popular outside Japan.


They’d damn well BETTER have learned their lesson. What they did (in america, at least) was like tossing cool swords at the feet of toddlers who are perfectly happy playing with squeaky plastic mallets. Most people who own that system are only in it for 1st party family/kiddie games (everybody else is on ps3 or xbox, some own a wii along with said adult system), and no hardcore gamer’s gonna buy a shovelware system for 1 or 2 good games of said system’s entire life (that’s how I got burned by the Gamecube…never again) before Nintendo moves on and does it all over again…and I really hope this nds3d-whatever Resident Evil comes to other systems as well. Doing nintendo-only serious games is a good way to fuck your profits, Capcom. Do multi-plat or not at all.


I doubt that either company is adverse to the idea of getting easy money as I’m sure both scenes have a huge amount of casual players who’d buy the game based on the premise alone… and the hardcore would surely follow. :frowning: Only Sega is that philanthropic it seems. I say easy money since the game would have no chance of pleasing the hardcore crowd so it would be the most logical to just make SF4 with a new code of paint and ship the huge turd out.

Guess it comes down to if both companies are willing to purposefully make a terrible game. Capcom made SF4, though their MvC3 marketing tempts me to ascribe that to Hanlon’s razor, while I’ve heard arguments that the latter entries in the SC series is Namco’s equivalent.


That’s some misguided effort right there


Yey, the 24th “OMG NU DARKSTALKERS??” thread in the last year.

The announcement will probably be for Namco x Capcom 2 or some shit. This is like when everyone got hyped about the accouncement of a new SEGA Arcade ‘VS game’ and it turned out to be Border Break. Or about 50 other examples.


First of all, if it’s gonna be on the Wii, then it can definitely be on the 360/PS3. The only reason TvC was exclusive to the Wii is because the arcade game was built on Wii tech, thus making a direct port easy and cheap for Capcom.

Second of all…wait, I don’t have a second point. nm.


Darkstalkers wouldnt sell good enough on Wii like PS3 and Xbox360, they will port it eventually.
Most Wii owners don’t even know what Darkstalkers is. :stuck_out_tongue:


They put new Darkstalkers avatars on PSN today. Coincidence?


^Oh, shit now!!


Oh yeah their up to something alright. Fuck those 49 cent avatars though.


Id help.