New Darkstalkers?: still hoping :(

Just got the tweet about it. Was announced at SDCC. I’m under the impression this is the “surprise” Capcom was taunting.

Hawt dayum!!! ^0^

You beat me to it! xD Man today is being like the best FG day for me! I’m so hype for all the SDCC news!

UMVC, Poison AND Darkstalkers?

I’m glad I’m alive…

I hope everyone will be just as happy when the intricacies and the challenge that made Darkstalkers great are thrown overboard for simplicity.

Or maybe not.

But probably.

My experience in Darkstalkers have been almost exclusively on the PSP port. I’m glad it’s getting a sequel. I can play as my man Victor again in another game

Thats probably whats going to happen. They gotta dumb down pushblocking for the kids.


Not that excited given how things have been done recently, oh well still got GGPO.

That already happened with VS.

Hopefully they’re smart enough to follow in VH’s footsteps. Scrubs who can’t handle keepaway can flock to SFxT instead.

I’m so happy :sad: sniff*

r u serious? people have been waiting for this game a loooong time and this is ur response?


I swear to god if Capcom ruins this, I will be mighty pissed.

I for one hope it’s in 2D. I’d even be fine if it used the ancient CPS-III hardware :slight_smile:

This isn’t the old Capcom that made some of my favorite games ever mdae, this is new Capcom that makes SFIV and MvC3. So yeah not to excited.

I don’t give a FUCK even if it becomes SF4 with monsters this is mad hype.

I want 2.5D and a roster with everyone returning along with newcomers. 25+ seems practical, possible, and would be great.

Here’s to big ass reversal windows and long ass cinematic ultras! ^^:slight_smile: No really, hope this turns out nice.


I definitely hope they keep the humor and hidden animations in the game. I still see something new in the animation almost each time I play it, especially from Lord Raptor and Jedah. As for the humor, those MONSTER, MIRACLE, TECH HIT sound effects were great. Wouldn’t mind having those back.