New Das Reviews Hori Stick Specials Feed - Cheap!


Okay, everyone is gearing up for the coming of SSFIV so the question is… IS THAT ASS READY FOR A BEATDOWN!

Well some might say yes, others no. But whatever the deal, there is one thing. You have to have a decent stick. And right now our friends at is offering up some limited time sweet deals on standard and SE Hori sticks for way below MSRP.

Check it out here:

Some killer cheap deals there. And some other stuff that isn’t too shabby outside the stick realm.

Now let’s fight like gentlemen…shall we?!


hey old skool, kinda off topic but when are you guys going to be getting in the v3-sa?


Don’t click it. He’s just trying to get hits on his page. I got tricked…

“Xbox 360 - Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE - HRAP EX SE @94.00 - Was $140!”

$94 isn’t even a great deal… I got mine for 70 shipped previously. The Ex-SE shouldn’t cost much more. Sorry to shit on your thread, but i did… Wait I’m not sorry.

Hori FS3 for $29… This stick sucks. I would spend about $20 on this stick, shipped! If you guys want to pay that much, then, go right ahead, but not really worth it in my opinion.


There’s rules against shitting on peoples threads I believe, and if there’s not, it’s definitely an unwritten rule. 94$ is fine for HRAP EX SE. I got mine for like 80$ too, but that was a special deal, not a lasting retail price. And 30$ for a brand new FS3 is 29$.

Jesus, you do realize they’re running a business and not a charity right?


$29 for a Hori fighting stick is a great deal. it’s not a shitty stick. also, try finding that stick for $29 anywhere else and you won’t find it.


wow someone really doesn’t know what he is talking about :shake: :rofl: from what you just said the prices are actually great. I smell a troll bait


its was on sale(harp ex se) for that short period of time prob wont be until the hoildays the fs3 is a good stick btw