New DC Animated movie: Superman vs. The Elites


This movie is pretty good. The art style appears to be some kind of hybrid of Bruce Timm and…something else DC Animated did once that I can’t remember. Manchester Black is a pretty cool villain, for someone who’s totally irrelevant in the comics in this era. Oh, and adult language and innuendo :tup:. This is a fun movie.


I’m not a fan of the art style so far. Only a few minutes into the movie so far though.


This movie was the shit. Never read the comic it was based off of.


This was my kind of Superman movie. I liked it alot


Not my favorite of the Superman animated movies, but good nonetheless. Supes was pretty badass at the end of the final fight, wasn’t feelin the explanation after he won, but I was satisfied


Oddly enough one of the guys I would say the same about is Garth Ennis.


No, I mean the robots holding paper props in the “destroyed” city, seem kinda stupid and contrived. I probably shoulda clarified what I meant better. I’m not good with words


The DC animated movies are always good, I’m pretty happy with the story quality. The animation… didn’t like this art style too much. Sometimes the DC movies are have some strange styles - like the super “buff” guys in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.


I’m not very familiar with Joe Kelly’s body of work. The only things I’ve read from him was his short run on Supergirl and his Superman/Batman annuals.


They looked like that in the original story, too. That’s Ed McGuinness’ style. The ONE guy they should go to if there is ever a real Superman vs Goku.


i have never seen or heard of this thing til yesterday and i could tell that was ed’s style a mile away. but its weird version of it…batman and superman cartoon was more true to his art style.


Joe Casey. He had a run on Adventures of Superman, and his last year on the title, specifically, is one of the most simple yet innovative things anyone’s done with Superman. Casey subverted the the stereotypical Superman paradigm by making him, essentially, a pacifist instead of a superstrong guy who just punches the hell out of his enemies. Instead, Superman solved problems with his mind and with his spirit.

If you’re interested in more Joe Kelly, I’d recommend his JLA run, which also featured artwork by Doug Mahnke (who drew most of the story the comic Superman vs. The Elite is based on). JLA really had a great run back in the '90s and early 2000s… Morrison to Waid to Kelly and Porter to Hitch to Mahnke. Another Joe Kelly comic worth checking out is I Kill Giants, published by Image.


lol ed mcguinness’s style is perfect for alot of these dc cartoons its pretty funny. it should be required for all superman cartoons.