New deejay



Hello all,

I’ve picked up the game recently, and have been playing with a mate who mains cody and ryu (been playing about 4 years). He says I’ve improved a lot recently but need to work on my footsies as I mainly use C Mk and light sobat and try cross ups from there. I was wondering if anyone can help give me a better idea on Deejays footsies so I have a better chance in the poking before working on everything else in the game.

Thanks all



In my opinion Dee Jay isn’t a poking character. You do best tossing out your Air Slashers, then either do the (slide), or a jumping hard punch when they jump over your Air Slashers. You can also toss out a light Air Slasher, then walk behind it to get up close, since you can use it as a moving shield. If they are using projectiles that are superior to your Air Slashers, you can always throw out an EX Dread Kick, since it will go through projectiles, hopefully catching them off guard. Once you get them knocked down, that is when Dee Jay’s mix up game begins. You can cross them up with the jumping medium kick, or throw out a knee shot, so they don’t know which way to block. You can also empty jump at them, and just grab them, to really mess with their minds :smiley:


Footsies isn’t all about buttons, it’s about using Dee Jay’s good forward walk speed (and so-so backward walk speed) to dart in and out of range of opposing pokes, and punish them when they whiff one by being just out of range to hit you.